January 12, 1914

January 12, 1914

Although the city council machine has made a strenuous personal house-to-house campaign in an effort to re-elect the present councilmen, appearances are that the citizen's ticket will be overwhelmingly elected tomorrow. The discontent with the present council, which culminated in the recall, seems to have grown with the past few days.

To the Rescue of Stewart

The principal efforts of the council were directed this morning to save Councilman Stewart from the discard, immediate members of his family being enlisted in the house-to-house campaign. The Quiz cigar store and Nash Hotel were the headquarters for the Stewart workers so city departments found time to "plug" for him.

An affidavit by Mrs. Julia Levenberry, former proprietor of the notorious Royal rooming house, which exonerates Councilman Millar for the part he was alleged to have played in its affairs, was shown by Mr. Mill to the Rev. R.W. McCullough Saturday, and is playing its part in his campaign. That Millar's cause is almost hopeless is the general opinion.

It's Foss vs. Dunlop

Mitchell has made a hard fight in the First ward, while his opponent has done little, but the chances favor Mr. Medynski's election.