I didn't get a chance to ask a question at Senator Merkley's town His handout says he coauthored the Volcker Rule in order to end Wall Street gambling with Main Street money.

I didn't get a chance to ask a question at Senator Merkley's town His handout says he coauthored the Volcker Rule in order to end Wall Street gambling with Main Street money.

How stupid does he think we are? His claims that the Volcker Rule will establish a firewall to protect consumers' savings is laughable. His Volcker Rule is a fraud! It is full of loopholes that won't end the bailouts and bail-ins of Wall Street crooks. Who is he working for, Wall Street or us?

He should join his Senate colleagues and cosponsor S 1282, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Glass-Steagall legislation.

Glass-Steagall worked for more than 50 years, and it will work now. His "Volcker Rule" won't!

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman headlined in Forbes recently, "The Volcker Rule Will Not Work," noting, "the tattered remains of the rule Paul Volcker envisioned, as promulgated today, will do very little to stop too-big-to-fail banks from engaging in high-risk trading with FDIC-insured deposits. That will happen only when we establish a strong new Glass-Steagall law that separates commercial and investment banks. The only question is how much damage will be done before that happens."

Learn more at www.larouchepac.com — John Mitchell, Medford

Global warming, global cooling, climate change! What is it today? The polar vortex? Extreme cold!

Has anyone looked at the historical temperature records for the U.S.? See www.ggweather.com/climate/extremes_us.htm for an interesting table of extremes. Many of the coldest and hottest temperature records were set in the late 1800s.

It says it was minus-2 F. in Tallahassee, Fla., in 1899! Oregon's cold record, minus-54, was set in 1933 and the hot record, 119, was set in 1898.

I noticed in the Jan. 5 Mail Tribune, the 100 Years Ago front page had a headline: "New Jersey Coast Suffers Worst Storm in Years," and on the Dec. 22 historical page, a headline said, "Pacific Slope Swept by Gale and Rainstorm."

Recent headlines in the news were about the first snow in the Middle East — in over 100 years. Does that mean it snowed there over 100 years ago? Is there a pattern here?

I am pretty sure that the carbon content of the atmosphere 100 years ago was probably less than today and extreme weather existed then as it does now.

Yet, we are constantly bombarded regarding the effect of CO2 on global cooling, global warming and now — climate change. Yep, climate changes. — Jeff Fox, Medford

We hear a number of reasons that GMO crops are necessary: to resist pests and droughts in a world of changing climate, to feed an ever-growing world population and to reduce pesticide use.

In my understanding, GMOs have been developed for three main reasons, all to do with corporate profits.

First, traditional and conventional plant breeding products are not patentable under U.S. law. So GMOs transcend that law by making them appear to be unique products because of human activity, thus allowing them to be patented.

Second, because GMOs are patented products, farmers cannot save seed from GMO crops year to year to replant with. That is an infringement on patented property. So farmers must buy new seed every year.

Third, most GMOs, including the sugar beets in Southern Oregon, are modified to withstand higher doses of pesticides, allowing them to survive while the weeds are killed. Most GMO manufacturers, including Syngenta and Monsanto operating in Southern Oregon, are also manufacturers of the associated pesticides.

All three of these reasons are for purposes of corporate profit, and not for healthier, more abundant, less toxic food.

Vote to ban the growing of GMO crops in Jackson County in May. — Gregg Marchese, Ashland