February 14, 1914

February 14, 1914

The children of the fifth and sixth grades of the Roosevelt school held an election on Thursday afternoon electing a mayor, six councilmen, a recorder and a judge. the mayor then appointed a fire chief, a health officer and a chief of police.

The council and the mayor will meet on Monday afternoon, holding sessions until 4 o'clock. At these meetings regular ordinances will be read and approved. All school laws will be passed and the chief given authority to enforce them. The principal will act as sheriff and as the supreme court, so that all the laws shall be subjected to proper supervision, and to see that they are enforced. he will have the power to declare laws null and void if contrary to school law.

The children will be taught how to vote, to mark ballots, to pass laws, to feel responsibility, and to obey laws of their own making. To learn concretly, what city government means, so that they will be better prepared for citizenship.

As state elections, all laws proposed will be read and discussed and sample ballots will be secured so that they may learn to vote on a real ballot. Robert's Law of Procedure will be used.

The judge will have court sessions to try offenders, a prosecuting attorney and defense, with a jury of twelve to try all cases. the plan will teach a knowledge of law, civil government and personal responsibility.

The election was spirited and followed a three days campaign.

For mayor — Myrle Merriman, 20 votes; Lorene Hanners, 15; James Medley, 2.

Recorder — Carle Bennett, 16; Vernie Meadows, 15; Oris Daily, 6.

Judge — Walter Whisenant, 37.

First ward (two members elected) — Bruce Putnam, 7; Edward Kelly, 5; Josephine Lindley, 4.

Second ward — Perry Gregg, 12; Teddy Leonard, 15; Rachel Robinson, 5.

Third ward — Beatrice McDonald, 12; Will Coleman, 13; Francis Medley, 10.

The recall has already been invoked against a councilman who walked across the lawn, breaking an ordinance of the school, and who defied the chief of police when told he was arrested. The children have the necessary names to the petition and they declare he will be defeated at the coming election. The defense claims that he has not been in office long enough to be recalled, but the prosecution says that a lawbreaker forfeits the office.