February 18, 1914

February 18, 1914

As soon as convenient, growers should spray all stone fruits and pears with lime-sulphur in accordance with the directions given in the spray calendar for 1914. All shrubs, vines, roses, etc. should also be sprayed. Those living in the towns where it is difficult to get the work done should look after the matter of spraying while there is plenty of time.

Those who wish to use the nitrate of soda spray for pears may mix it with lime-sulphur in accordance with the formula published in the spray calendar. This spray is to be applied to such varieties as do-not-readily-set fruit. Remember that the nitrate of soda spray will advance the blooming period ten days or more, so be ready to protect against frost.

It is advised that apples be sprayed somewhat later for the reason that too early spraying with lime-sulphur and black leaf 40 will not control aphids. It is best to wait until the buds begin to swell perceptibly. Each grower must use his judgment because he must give himself time to make the application before the buds are too far advanced.


Pathologist in Charge.

Charles B. Gay was appointed police judge by the city council Tuesday night at a salary of $25 a month, and assumed the reins of office this morning. Mr. Gay will also act as probation officer, looking after truancy cases, and wage a campaign against boys who smoke cigarettes.

Mr. Gay has had much experience in police work, at one time being a guard at the state prison at Salem. The appointment lightens the labors of Mayor Purdin, and gives him more time for city and private work.


Following rough tactics in the Chinese restaurant on Front Street Tuesday, Lee Fung, a (Chinese man), in self defense, pulled a pistol on Fred Reed and James Fitzgerald, two white customers. In the struggle for the gun it was discharged. Fung was badly beaten up. All three were arrested by officers Cingcade and Crawford, Reed and Fung afterwards being released on $50 bail. Before Police Judge Gay this morning fines of $10 were applied.