Phoenix advances 11 to regional semifinals

  • PHOENIX — Eleven Phoenix wrestlers earned semifinal berths at the Class 4A District 3 regional tournament at Phoenix High on Friday.
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  • PHOENIX — Eleven Phoenix wrestlers earned semifinal berths at the Class 4A District 3 regional tournament at Phoenix High on Friday.
    The Pirates stand in second place with 144 points. Henley is first (192) and Klamath Union third (120).
    Action resumes today with semifinals, finals and consolation matches. The top four finishers at each weight class advance to the state tournament at Portland's Memorial Coliseum Feb. 28-March 1.
    Phoenix's EZ Flores (120 pounds), Richard Orndorff (120), Mark McAlister (126), Knute Thompson (138), Kyle Bradfield (145), Braden Vega (160) and Trace Vega (182) all advanced to the semifinals with a pair of pins.
    Fifth-seeded Travis Stainbrook beat No. 4 Derick Boice of Hidden Valley by fall in 2 minutes, 39 seconds in the quarterfinals.
    Cedrius King (126), Garrett Truex (152) and Izzy Rubio (170) also advanced to the semifinals for the Pirates.
    Should Rubio and Gary Jantzer of Henley reach the regional championship, their bout would be a rematch of a state final last season. Jantzer won that match and is 2-0 against Rubio this year.
    North Valley's Luke Valle (120) and Hidden Valley's AJ Munoz (138), Chance Anderson (160) and Brandon Wrezinski (195) also reached the semifinals.
    4A District 3 Regionals
    TEAM SCORES — Henley 192, Phoenix 144, Klamath Union 120, Marshfield 93, Sutherlin 69.5, Hidden Valley 57, North Valley 54, South Umpqua 50, Douglas 46, Mazama 46, North Bend 46, Brookings-Harbor 33, Siuslaw 23.5.
    First Round
    106 — Derrick Hargraves, SU, pinned Jada Hruska, HV, 0:24; Tanner Payne, Hen, pinned Griffin Lucas, NV, 1:46; Kane Smith, Doug, pinned Brian Russel, Maz, 2:27; William Black, Suth, pinned Max Valle, NV, 2:34.
    113 — Joe Britt, Hen, pinned Austin Miller, NB, 3:15; Cade Hite, Mar, pinned Garrett Dresen, Bro, 1:52; Ryan Oviatt, Doug, pinned Manuel Castaneda, KU, 3:04; Trevon Kuhlman, Hen, pinned Kyle Gaylor, Suth, 0:47; Tyler Campbell, Mar, won by forfeit.
    120 — Quinton Hook, Hen, pinned Kaleb Dunn, HV, 1:34; Alyn Lovell, Mar, won by forfeit; EZ Flores, Pho, pinned Alex Backman, NB, 3:51; Cameron Cranshaw, SU, major dec. Michael McKinney, Suth, 17-9; Richard Orndorff, Pho, pinned Nicholas Moreno, KU, 1:02; Kaleb Fisher, HV, dec. Chase Dibala, Mar, 4-2; Boot Clark, Hen, pinned Skylor Michaels, Suth, 0:54; Luke Valle, NV, pinned Hunter Niedens, Bro, 1:05.
    126 — Thaddeus Nelson, Mar, pinned David Schriner, Suth, 3:59; Landon Garrard, Doug, dec. Nathan Mersino, NB, 5-3; Tanner Simpson, HV, pinned Tyler Pettigrew, Hen, 3:37; Mark McAlister, Pho, pinned Tyler Grimes, Maz, 1:21; Isaiah Burkhalter, Siu, pinned Justin Gerhardt, Mar, 2:17; Cristo Moreno, KU, pinned Beau Blossom, NV, 3:26; Nick Holder, NB, pinned Nathan Adams, HV, 2:47; Cedrius King, Pho, dec. Carter Dahl, Doug, 8-2.
    132 — Zech Bresser, Hen, won by forfeit; Devin Femer, Doug, pinned Skyler Witt, Pho, 2:51; Davin Nichols, Maz, pinned Jeffrey Hanson, KU, 1:57; Branden Carrillo, Suth, pinned Jess Fitzhugh, Bro, 2:52; Bee Nguyen, KU, won by forfeit; Ben Haley, HV, major dec. William Russel, Maz, 14-2; Briana Jantzer, NV, dec. Caleb Willis, Doug, 5-3; Chase Fernlund, Hen, pinned LeJay Cole, Suth, 0:54.
    138 — Conner Noonan, Hen, pinned Douglas Ratliff, Maz, 0:31; Aden Harvey, SU, pinned Liam Lucas, NV, 1:22; Stuart Hainey, Suth, major dec. Cody Van Allen, Doug, 18-7; Knute Thompson, Pho, pinned Darius Davis, NB, 5:37; Eli Garrard, Doug, won by forfeit; Jeremiah Leonard, Hen, pinned Shane Keeling, NB, 0:10; Jared Trimmell, SU, won by forfeit; AJ Munoz, HV, pinned David McKinney, Suth, 4:26.
    145 — Daine Taylor, Hen, tech. fall Robert LaCombe, HV, 18-2; Clay Clarkin, NV, dec. William McKinney, Suth, 11-5; Tyler Gregory, Mar, pinned Tyler Coolidge, Siu, 4:27; Patrick Williams, KU, pinned Michael Button, NB, 0:43; Lucas Erickson, Suth, pinned Dillan Lee, HV, 4:48; Gunnard Lindsey, Hen, pinned Johnny Solis, NB, 0:35; Nick Steinman, Siu, pinned Samuel Murray, KU, 5:12; Kyle Bradfield, Pho, pinned Isaiah Ross, Bro, 1:12.
    152 — Austin Tillery, Hen, pinned Cesar Castro, Mar, 2:53; Mike Smith, Suth, tech. fall Talon Merritt, NB, 15-0; Jake Roberts, NV, pinned Brandon Livingston, Pho, 2:33; Jose Mendez, KU, pinned Tre Seymour, Maz, 1:01; Garrett Truex, Pho, pinned Taylor Baker, Hen, 3:20; Cameron Mower, NV, dec. Phillip Kuckuck, NB, 5-2; Tyler Marrington, Bro, pinned Michael Eastwood, Suth, 1:16; Delbert Williams, KU, pinned Jacob Kannes, SU, 0:12.
    160 — Chance Anderson, HV, pinned Justin Knight, Pho, 5:35; Justin Conner, Hen, won by forfeit; Ryan Clarkin, NV, pinned Christian Hongell, Mar, 0:17; Joshua Hammers, Maz, pinned Jaret Remington, SU, 1:48; Braden Vega, Pho, pinned Koda Nelson, KU, 1:03; Christophe Tello, Suth, won by forfeit; Hayden Aubut, Hen, pinned Fred Barahona, NB, 2:34.
    170 — Gary Jantzer, Hen, pinned Brayden Schultz, Doug, 0:59; Kyle Zomreschoe, NB, dec. Brandon Morgan, Mar, 7-1; Justin Hughes, KU, dec. William Frazee, Pho, 14-7; Aaron Wagner, NB, pinned Joseph Thorpe, NV, 0:36; Justin Crum, Suth, pinned Mason DeWitt, Hen, 0:23. 182 — Chase Anderson, KU, pinned TK Capps, Mar, 1:51; Cameron Shadley, Maz, won by forfeit; Travis Stainbrook, Pho, pinned David Hull, Bro, 2:14; Derick Boice, HV, pinned Jerad Lingren, Hen, 1:32; Antonio Cisneros, Maz, pinned Andrew Garrison, KU, 2:56; Jake Buck, NB, pinned Chris Alonzo, Mar, 5:27; Heitor Almeida, NV, pinned William Warner, SU, 2:57; Trace Vega, Pho, pinned Justin Self, Hen, 1:22. 195 — Michael Prescott, KU, pinned Zach Schneider, NB, 3:03; Austin Mitchell, Doug, pinned Jaycob Green, KU, 1:03.
    220 — No matches.
    285 — Casey Cobert, Suth, pinned Mason Jussila, Mar, 0:14.
    106 — Derrick Hargraves, SU, pinned Danai Erickson, Maz, 1:29; Izaak Grubbs, Mar, pinned Tanner Payne, Hen, 2:36; Michael Bresser, Hen, pinned Kane Smith, Doug, 1:08; Cole Smith, Mar, pinned William Black, Suth, 0:59.
    113 — Joe Britt, Hen, won by forfeit; Cade Hite, Mar, pinned Ryan Oviatt, Doug, 2:57; Trevon Kuhlman, KU, pinned Jose Dela Mora, Siu, 3:58; Tyler Campbell, Mar, pinned Mark Deane, NB, 2:07.
    120 — Quinton Hook, Hen, pinned Alyn Lovell, Mar, 0:36; EZ Flores, Pho, pinned Cameron Cranshaw, SU, 4:17; Richard Orndorff, Pho, pinned Kaleb Fisher, HV, 1:14; Luke Valle, NV, pinned Boot Clark, Hen, 0:46.
    126 — Thaddeus Nelson, Mar, pinned Landon Garrard, Doug, 3:44; Mark McAlister, Pho, pinned Tanner Simpson, HV, 3:45; Isaiah Burkhalter, Siu, pinned Cristo Moreno, KU, 3:38; Cedrius King, Pho, pinned Nick Holder, NB, 1:16.
    132 — Zech Bresser, Hen, pinned Devin Ferner, Doug, 1:58; Davin Nichols, Maz, pinned Branden Carrillo, Suth, 4:00; Bee Nguyen, KU, pinned Ben Haley, HV, 1:53; Chase Fernlund, Hen, pinned Briana Jantzer, NV, 3:19.
    138 — Conner Noonan, Hen, pinned Aden Harvey, SU, 1:04; Knute Thompson, Pho, pinned Stuart Hainey, Suth, 3:49; Eli Garrard, Doug, pinned Jeremiah Leonard, Hen, 2:46; AJ Munoz, HV, pinned Jared Trimmell, SU, 2:11.
    145 — Daine Taylor, Hen, pinned Clay Clarkin, NV, 1:20; Patrick Williams, KU, dec. Tyler Gregory, Mar, 13-11; Gunnard Lindsey, Hen, dec. Lucas Erickson, Suth, 8-7; Kyle Bradfield, Pho, pinned Nick Steinman, Siu, 1:12.
    152 — Austin Tillery, Hen, pinned Mike Smith, Suth, 1:44; Jose Mendez, KU, pinned Jake Roberts, NV, 3:45; Garrett Truex, Pho, dec. Cameron Mower, NV, 16-11; Delbert Williams, KU, pinned Tyler Marrington, Bro, 5:02.
    160 — Chance Anderson, HV, pinned Justin Conner, Hen, 0:55; Joshua Hammers, Maz, dec. Ryan Clarkin, NV, 7-1; Braden Vega, Pho, pinned Christophe Tello, Suth, 2:47; Hayden Aubut, Hen, won by forfeit.
    170 — Gary Jantzer, Hen, pinned Shaun Markam, Suth, 1:13; Justin Hughes, KU, pinned Kyle Zomerschoe, NB, 2:28; Aaron Wagner, NB, pinned Sasha Ochoa, KU, 1:10; Izzy Rubio, Pho, pinned Justin Crum, Suth, 3:41.
    182 — Chase Anderson, KU, pinned Cameron Shadley, Maz, 1:13; Travis Stainbrook, Pho, pinned Derick Boice, HV, 2:39; Antonio Cisneros, Maz, pinned Jake Buck, NB, 3:35; Trace Vega, Pho, pinned Heitor Almeida, NV, 0:56.
    195 — Michael Prescott, KU, won by forfeit; Josh Buehler, SU, pinned Brendon Cunningham, Hen, 2:48; Austin Mitchell, Doug, pinned Alex Kennedy, Suth, 0:42; Brandon Wrezinski, HV, pinned Brendon Rojas, Hen, 5:31.
    220 — Zachary Cardoza, KU, pinned Tyler Palmer, Doug, 0:10; James Noonan, Hen, pinned Kyle Benson, HV, 1:00; Sterling Westfall, KU, pinned Kainan Lane, Siu, 1:20; Thomas Smalley, Suth, pinned Cody Collins, Hen, 1:42.
    285 — Stephen Noonan, Hen, pinned Tanner Strong, Suth, 0:12; Kaleb Campbell, Mar, pinned Michael Donarski, KU, 3:07; Casey Cobert, Suth, pinned Dylan Jennings, Siu, 0:58; Tyler Burris, Hen, pinned Peter Trachsel, KU, 3:01.
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