Correspondent Carl Worden's free thinking must be commended, but thinking alone does not arrive at truth.

Correspondent Carl Worden's free thinking must be commended, but thinking alone does not arrive at truth.

Aristotle was a renowned thinker, but he mistakenly believed the earth to be the center of the universe, as he had no contrary evidence. Galileo spent the last eight years of his life under house arrest for demonstrating that the earth revolved around the sun, in violation of the Church's Aristotelian doctrine.

Science developed only when skeptical thinkers examined experimental evidence and drew their own rational conclusions, instead of believing what teachers had told them. Scientific theory, which makes the mass of experimental data understandable, has undergone great changes during the past three centuries, because of the discovery of previously unknown phenomena. The result has been wonderful advances in medicine, communication, transportation, etc.

In science there is no authority whose word must be believed. It is foolish to think that climate researchers are a liberal conspiracy practicing a hoax. In fact, science is kept honest by human nature; if a researcher makes an error in interpreting his data, others are happy to point it out. Climate science is extremely complex, but rapid global warming is a fact. — Desmond Armstrong, Jacksonville

The strike is over! Hallelujah! Everyone's so happy! The forces of good (the teachers) have defeated the forces of evil (the district).

I'm sure Medford children are so much better off now. That's what it was about, right?

The lesson, boys and girls, is this: Never bully anyone. Unless you're backed by a union. Then it's OK to throw a fit and send everything into chaos to get what you want.

Union good. Management bad.

Just try that with your parents and see how far you get. You know. Your parents? The people who pay your loving, caring teacher's salary?

Good luck with your teachers smoothing this all over. Just like it never happened.

Let's see those graduation rates this year! — Rick Nelson, Medford

How brave of you to bury in your back pages and in barely discernible fashion yet another scientific report concerning the developing devastating global and social consequences of human-caused drastic changes in our global climate.

Given the clear evidence that we face really terrifying social and biological consequences on a planetary scale if we continue to burn fossil fuels and consume, consume, consume as we do, surely you could have better buried the news of that report, or ignored it completely. Even your whispering about the problem may have the effect of bringing citizens to begin to think that we cannot go on devouring the globe and ruining our planet and destroying our entire environment.

I guess citizens should look at the scientific report — available online — and draw their own conclusions. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland