Randy was born April 24, 1952 in Grants Pass, Ore. He had a father who took him hunting, camping, and fishing - the land, woods, and mountains became his place of solace, worship, and renewal. He had a mother who helped him build a worm farm and with whose support, learned to trap and sell hides and mow lawns; to do an honest days' work for an honest days' pay, to pay his own way and never give up. With these lessons he became a successful, trusted employee and went on to own his own business.

He was a Marine, proud of his uniform and his country. He was a husband, father, and grandfather. He grew into the man that we - his wife, children, and grandchildren - looked to for answers, wisdom, strength, and security.

He was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, sober for 35 years, and was grateful for a second chance. He always said, "I've been over paid." Randy laughed loudly, cried openly, and expressed to his friends, family, cus-tomers, and co-workers just who he was.

We shared him with his commitments because we knew he was a bigger and better man for it.

And finally, Randy adored his grandchildren, loved his children, and called me either his Bride, his Lady, or his Best Friend. Our world has been changed forever by his pre-sence and now, his leaving.

PaPa, you've earned your rest. As for that marriage vow, you can forget the "till death do us part" because we will always be together.

Yours Forever ~ Nanc.