To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Referring to your article in (the March 8, 1914) issue, "Elks protest of building a morgue next to clubhouse," I would like to make a statement. You speak of my building next to Elks temple. I do not own the lot next to the Elks, but do own the lot fifty feet north.

When you say that some person or persons have offered me $1,500 more than I paid for the lot, you have been misinformed. I have never fully informed any one of my intentions in regard to this lot. I consider that a personal affair.

A few Elks seem much concerned that I might in some way dampen their spirits. I wonder if any of their members have raised any serious objections to meeting just above a morgue for the past three or four years. I am a brother Elk, but as soon as they heard I was thinking of buying this lot they told me they were going to knock me, so I suppose this article you published is the first installment of a splendid plan to simply knock me down and out. In the name of justice, I believe that no organization or body of men should deliberately go out to hurt any person who is living among them, patronizing them and trying to make good himself. Before spending hundreds of dollars for advertising to get eastern people and real homemakers out here, our Commercial club should talk it over with the editors of the our papers and some of our enterprising merchants and decide who should be allowed to come here and mingle with them. We came to this valley four years ago to make our home, invest our all and try to live peaceably among our fellow men.

I am struggling to make an honest living in the face of much meddling, malicious gossip and knocking. But I expect to do in the future as I have done in the past, attend strictly to my business.


March 10, 1914

(Mr. Perl paid $2,000 for the lot and placed valuation of $3,500 upon it to the Elks, but states that he will trade for any other lot in as desirable a location.)


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John A. Perl


Lady Assistant

28 S. Bartlett

Phones M. 47 and 47 J2

Ambulance Service, Deputy Coroner