March 12, 1914

March 12, 1914

The U.S. weather bureau will provide an expert observer and forecaster for the frost period at Medford provided the recommendation of E.A. Beals, district forecaster for the northwest, stationed at Portland, is favorably acted upon at Washington, D.C.

Mr. Beals arrived in Medford Thursday to make arrangements for carrying on the weather service after Prof. O'Gara's departure, and will send F.R. Drake, his chief assistant, here during the two months frost danger period, on the understanding that the county pay the room rent for the bureau, which was agreed to by County Judge Tou Velle.

Is Badly Handicapped

"Of course," said Mr. Beals, "it will be hard to fill, even temporarily, Prof. O'Gara's place for local predictions. A new man, no matter how expert, will be handicapped in many ways. And you have had such an unusually efficient service, that it has spoiled you in your expectations. Prof. O'Gara's work has attracted nation-wide attention. But we will do the best we can to fill the void during the danger period."

Fruitgrowers of the valley met in the public library Wednesday afternoon, and discussed the matter of securing a county pathologist, appointing a committee of five composed of Bert Anderson, F.H. Madden, A.S.V. Beckwith, Dr. Hart and A.C. Allen to investigate the poposition of the O.A.C. (Oregon Agricultural College, later renamed Oregon State University), secure applicants and act with the county court.

The O.A.C. informally agrees to furnish half the salary, from state aid and appropriation fund for use of data, etc. collected, but leaves the selection of the pathologist to this section. An effort to restrict the committee to the acceptance of this offer was rejected. The committee will hold its first meeting with the county court Tuesday.

Tribute to O'Gara

Tributes were paid to the worth of Prof. O'Gara by Col. R.C. Washburn and D.M. Lowe, and resolutions adopted unanimously thanking him for his services and painstaking efforts.