This concerns your editorial in Sunday's Mail Tribune, "Too cautious."

This concerns your editorial in Sunday's Mail Tribune, "Too cautious."

As one directly engaged with the controversy, I commend you for your judicious position. In many respects, the Manor is a well-managed and attractive facility for seniors and ranks high among Continuing Care Residential Communities in our country, but political discourse remains an anathema.

If for no other reason, enlightened self-interest may dictate that the Manor rethink its policy on political matters. A younger and more diverse generation of prospective residents may think twice before signing on under the current restrictive policy. — Russy D. Sumariwalla, Medford

We should not be rewarding Alan Bates with another term of office but should hold him responsible as the primary proponent of the mess that is Cover Oregon.

According to The Oregonian, the following has occurred. Family members have been assigned to different providers. People mysteriously disappearing from provider membership rolls. Case workers denied access to correct errors that clients are reporting. An IT system that does not properly calculate the codes that determine federal matching funds. Four thousand illegal immigrants given full Oregon Health Plan coverage in violation of federal law.

No wonder the GAO is auditing us. Don't let Alan Bates shift the blame to the bureaucrats — they are just implementing the mess he designed and tells us is so wonderful. He should be voted out of office in November — sooner if he has a primary opponent. — Don Paul, Ashland

What's not to like about supporting the formation of a special library district?

Stability in funding for all 15 of our public libraries? We can handle it. Giving up the threat of again closing the whole system? I'm in. Stopping the ongoing struggles to raise money for four open hours on Saturdays (for a grand — and embarrassing — total of 16 hours a week in my Ruch branch library)? I'll adjust.

What about the Jackson County Library District line on my tax statement? I currently have four DVDs, seven music CDs, three magazines and 16 books checked out on my library card. Conservatively, the total value of these materials is $480. Stable funding and increased access to such riches make this no contest for me.

This May, do yourself, your family and the future of our Jackson County community a favor by supporting the special library district. — Patricia Gordon, Ruch

The president's "brother's keeper" speech challenged young men to be responsible, a good message. I wish he would have been more specific, such as "quit having a child and moving on to the next sexual relationship."

Our culture, media, entertainment accepts as the new norm to enjoy a sexual relationship with no responsibility. Why should I consider marriage, a long-term relationship when I can simply move on when my "live-in" partner becomes pregnant? She can solve her own problem by abortion or give the baby away; not my problem.

And we wonder what's happening to "family"? — Lynn Berntson, Jacksonville