March 16, 1914

March 16, 1914

R.D. Hoke of Central Point will appear before the Merchants' Association meeting tonight in the interests of his cannery proposition for the valley.

A committee from the Commercial Club and the Merchants' association have reported favorably on the matter, and the question of financing the project will also be discussed, with the probability of support from the banks, merchants and small growers. If the plans are consummated, the cannery would be in operation for the summer business, spring planting being made in accordance.

The cannery is also being boosted by the small land owners as a means of allowing them to dispose of their crops of tomatoes, beans etc., and increase the diversity of farming in the valley. Sufficient acreage has been secured to ensure the successful operation of the cannery. Tomatoes and loganberries would be the specialties in the canning.

Mr. Hoke is an experienced cannery man and the plant would be located in this city.

He has a number of flattering letters from local people on his stock put up last year, to show the merit of his product. The natural flavor of the fruit is retained by the process employed, and the samples shown today to local people received high praise. Many of the local small growers are highly interested in the project.