March 18, 1914

March 18, 1914

Mrs. Mollie H. Cady (nee Merriman) was granted a divorce in the circuit court this morning by Judge Calkins from Con Cady, at present in Long Beach, Calif., and given back her maiden name. The charge upon which the action was taken was desertion. The plaintiff was the only witness.

Three other divorces of unhappily married couples — four for the day — were granted, a new record for Jackson County.

A Mississippi of oratory flowed last night at the council meeting on the delectable subject: "Should or should not a chicken be subjected to hara-kiri before being sold to local consumers." Three councilmen voted they should, and three voted they should not, and Mayor Purdin broke the tie by voting they should not. Therefore Medford will have to march along subject to fifty-seven ailments councilman Medynski said arose from an undrawn chicken.

Messrs E.E. Gore and Wig Ashpole were on the ground to defend the undrawn chicken. A number attended under the impression Mr. Ashpole was going to make a speech. He did not. All he did was applaud every cutting point of his colleague in the meat business, Mr. Gore, who hog-tied any number of arguments.

The discussion settled every problem bearing on a chicken, except the old, old one, "Why does a hen cross the street?"

The tranquility of local police condidtions were disturbed Tuesday night by a fight, a profane I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World member) and two theatrical deer, who scared a month's growth out of Sergeant Pat Mego.

The fight was the result of an argument between two wanderers and resulted in one being knocked down, and both being ordered to leave town. An I.W.W. riding through on a freight consigned the government, the nation and Southern Oregon in particular to Inferno, but being on a moving train he was not detained.

Sergeant Mego in pussy footing down the alley back of the Garnett-Corey building, smelled an attempted suicide in an old woodshed. Noises peculiar to mystery and death were coming from the building, and Sergeant Mego investigating to find the two deer contendedly scratching themselves. The police official announced that immediately afterwards he could have been purchased outright for a nickel.