We are pretty sure Carrol Joyce Leu saw angels just before departing her almost 91-year-old body on March 18, 2014. She was born in St. Petersburg, Fla. March 26, 1923, the first child of Herb and Osie Siler. Carrol grew up and graduated from high school in Connersville, Ind. She then entered college, graduating as an RN in 1945 from St. Vincent's Nursing School in Indianapolis, Ind. The military recruiters were present on graduation day so Carrol signed up to serve as a Navy nurse.

Carol was assigned to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, serving as an Ensign for six months prior to the end of WWII. Carrol remained in service with the hospital for 18 months as they continued to treat wounded servicemen. During this time she met Richard Costello, a Marine P.O.W., who preferred the food served at the Navy hospital over food served at the Marine hospital. Perhaps his true preference was proximity to the pretty nurse.

After marriage, the young couple initially lived in Fifield, Wis. but hitched the travel trailer to a Willy's Jeep and moved West with their young daughter. They settled on a backwoods property near Takilma, Ore. living for some time without electricity or indoor plumbing. Carrol washed clothes by hand in a washtub and powered her iron with a generator. It was during this time that their second child was born. The growing family and a cat lived in the small trailer while building a log home. It was a joyous occasion when electrical power and indoor plumbing arrived to the homestead. Carrol likely felt relief that she had a wringer washer by the time her third child was born.

The family moved to Rogue River, Ore. so that Carrol could return to her nursing career. She happily spent the next 25 years working as an RN with Sacred Heart and Providence Hospitals. It was at work that Carrol met and married her second husband, Walter Leu.

Carrol made sure her children went to private kindergarten, had swimming lessons, and reported to the dentist every six months. She supported them in sports, hobbies, and school events. Carrol taught her children to chew with their mouths closed, eat what was served, say thank you, and not to say ain't. She later reversed course, allowing the grandchildren to behave like heathens, supplying them with junk food and candy.

Carrol was preceded in death by her parents; cherished step-mother, Charlotte Siler; brother, Norman Siler; husband Walter Leu; and ex-husband, Richard Costello. She is survived by brother, Bob Siler; cousin, Dr. Richard R. Kenyon; cousin, Donald Squires (Roberta); daughter, Randy Costello; and sons, Craig Costello and Pat Costello. Carrol was very proud of her five beautiful grandchildren, Torston, Jake, Jess, Ryley, and Cari; plus eight great-grandchildren, with the ninth expected in May. Also left behind, and feeling a loss, is a spoiled cat named Lucifer.

It was Carrol's wish to be interred at the Veterans' Cemetery in Eagle Point with arrangements by Conger-Morris. In lieu of flowers, Carrol would certainly prefer donations to either the American Cancer Society or an entity with a mission providing for the care and re-homing of cats. The family wishes to extend a grateful thank-you to the staff of Providence Hospice and Home Instead, especially to the awesome caregiver, Karen, who made Mom's life ever so much better in these final trying months.