April 2, 1914

April 2, 1914

Contractor J.W. Sweeney, who is constructing the Pacific highway grade over the Siskiyou mountains, appeared before the county court Thursday and stated that he wanted men to work on the highway.

"I want men willing to work, good workers, and will give all who come a trial," said Mr. Sweeney. "I pay a minimum 25 cents an hour, and if a man proves that he is worth more, he will get it."

Train 13 on the Southern Pacific will hereafter stop at Steinman, so that anyone that wants to work can easily reach the camp.

Work has been delayed by recent storms. The teams are idle on account of being unable to work in the wet sticky. As soon as weather conditions improve, it is expected to have 300 men at work. A second camp has been established at Barron and work is being pushed from both ends of the road.

On account of the arbitrary refusal of the city electrical inspector to permit an exhibition of moving pictures in the Medford hotel dining room because the provisions required for moving picture theaters could not be complied with for an hour's exhibition, it has been decided to postpone the Commercial club banquet feature scheduled for Friday will instead give the moving picture show and local vaudeville performance on Friday evening at the Page theater, Manager Gordon having donated use of the theater. There will be no admission charge and the general public is invited to attend, especially ladies.

The banquet will be held later in the month in connection with the "Natural Attractions Development" meeting being arranged by the club for Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties.

Friday night at the Page theater Game Warden Finley will show the State game commission's excellent series of motion pictures of fish and game life, with the first films ever taken of fishing scenes on Rogue River, showing local anglers landing steelhead trout. These films are the best ever and made a great hit at the Portland meeting.

Members of the Revelers' club have arranged a rattling vaudeville show, the six acts of which will be interspersed throughout the program. Two of the performers have had years of professional experience.