April 3, 1914

April 3, 1914

Arnold Becker, in whose veins flowed royal blood, and who was one of the consulting engineers in the construction of the Croton aqueduct that supplies New York City, committed suicide at Holland Thursday evening about 6 o'clock by shooting himself with a .32-caliber revolver in the left temple. Death was instantaneous. Broken health and business worries, undermining his mind, are given as reasons for the rash act. He had suffered from neurasthenia for years and had a nurse in charge of him at the mine.

Dr. R.J. Conroy was summoned from this city and made the trip in an auto driven by Seely Hall. A coroner's inquest was held and a verdict of suicide returned. The body will be shipped to New York, where his family resides. Notes to business associates and relatives, found afterwards, briefly told of his grim intention, and bade them farewell. He was well known in this city and Grants Pass and made the Medford Hotel his headquarters.

Becker was an Austrian nobleman, born at the Austrian consulate in Washington 43 years ago. His Austrian title and name was Baron Arnold Becker von Rosenveldt.

He was educated at Berkeley, Calif., and at Harvard, and had attained national prominence as a mining and civil engineer.

He had recently organized the Althouse Placer Company, and a Bucyrus excavator, the most extensive equipment on a Southern Oregon placer holding, had just been put into successful operation, and was handling 10,000 yards of gravel per day. Injunction proceedings instituted against the turning of the water of Althouse creek into Democrat gulch by the Becker company in its mining operations worried Becker and aggravated his nervous condition, his associates allege.


Monday is the last day of grace for autoists who have no state licenses. After that they will be hauled before Prosecuting Attorney Kelly for violation of the state law. Those who can prove they have applied for license will be granted leeway, but a number have not turned a hair toward complying with the requirements, including some of the leading citizens. This is the second warning, the first being to procure licenses.