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    Greenwade doubles up

    North sophomore breaks marks in 200, 400 meters at Bob Newland Classic
  • There was a good reason Savannah Greenwade shot out of the blocks and zoomed around the first turn in the 400 meters Friday in the Bob Newland Track and Field Classic at South Medford High.
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  • There was a good reason Savannah Greenwade shot out of the blocks and zoomed around the first turn in the 400 meters Friday in the Bob Newland Track and Field Classic at South Medford High.
    Greenwade, of North Medford, wanted the meet record "really bad," she said.
    She got it.
    The sophomore, coming off an impressive showing last weekend in the Oregon Relays at Hayward Field in Eugene, lowered her time in the event for the fifth consecutive outing and snatched up the meet mark in 59.21 seconds. South Medford's Carmen Mejia had the previous record of 59.56, which she set in 2010.
    Greenwade enjoyed that experience so much, she set another mark a couple hours later in the 200, winning in 26.59.
    The Newland meet, in its 15th year, is for sophomores and freshmen and is designed to give young athletes a chance to perform on a big stage against kids their own ages. Sixteen teams participated.
    Roseburg captured the boys meet with 103 points, followed by Grants Pass with 91 and South Medford with 70.
    In the girls meet, Grants Pass triumphed with 106 points, while North Medford was second (103) and South Medford third (92.5).
    The meet began under a threatening sky with a chilly breeze. Light rain fell a couple times before a downpour drenched athletes and spectators alike as a girls 800 heat was about start.
    One coached seized the motivational moment with his runner: "The sooner you get done, the sooner you can get out of this," he yelled.
    Darkness set in and rain alternately drizzled and dropped hard.
    Greenwade was fortunate to run the 400 in as nice of weather as was available on this day.
    "If this race is an hour ago," said Black Tornado coach Piet Voskes, "there may have been a different outcome. She had just enough sunshine to go out and get it."
    Greenwade won her first three 400 races of the season and gradually lowered her time from 1:01.64 to 59.79.
    At the Oregon Relays against strong competition, she placed seventh in 59.77.
    It was off her personal best of 59.39, established last year, but it was further indication she was on the right track.
    "She's physically stronger and her mechanics are a lot cleaner than last year," said Voskes. "She's coming off the turn a lot better than she ever was last year."
    Voskes and Greenwade talked two weeks ago, said the coach, and made this "an objective meet."
    "We looked at what that meet record was and kind of gave her a target to sit and stew over for two weeks," he said.
    Greenwade handled the big meet in Eugene well, he said, and when she was nervous prior to the Newland, she was reminded that it was just a Friday night meet at South Medford.
    When the gun went off, so, too, did Greenwade, overtaking foe after foe in the first 200.
    "That was the most aggressive she's been in two years," said Voskes.
    The question then became, how would she finish?
    As she hit the last 100 meters, Greenwade's thoughts were, "I was tired," and, "It hurts, but it feels good."
    In part because she's a fan of this meet.
    "It was fun," she said. "This is my last year here, and this is my favorite meet. The competition is at your level. You're not competing against upperclassmen. You've got a chance at going big. It's just a lot of fun."
    Voskes characterized Greenwade as one who enjoys a challenge. Clearly, she embraced it again in the 200, following the biggest downpour of the evening.
    Greenwade's winning time bested the record of 26.73 set in 2011 by North Medford's Emily Carlson and matched last year by Crater's Bailey Bascom. Sage Hall of Grants Pass was second in 27.46.
    "(Greenwade's) 200 has improved dramatically because of the strength work she did in the offseason," said Voskes. "She loves to compete."
    Only one other meet record was established. The Grants Pass girls 4x100 relay of Lindsey Bonney, Deshae Wise, Tarisa Olinski and Sage Hall won in 50.52, breaking the mark of 50.76 set in 2010 by Roseburg.
    South Medford thrower Sara Miles joined Greenwade as a double winner. Miles claimed the shot put with a heave of 35 feet, 51/2 inches and the javelin with a throw of 105-1.
    Phoenix's Emma Hickman won the discus at 110-0, and Eagle Point's Marinda Stanton captured the triple jump at 33-33/4.
    On the track, the North Medford 4x400 relay girls relay of Olivia Lethlean, Michala Denn, Meghan Cowan and Jaci Brumble won in 4:13.56, and St. Mary's Aessa Catt claimed the 100 in 13.18.
    In the boys meet, South Medford's Bobby Chaney had a part in two victories and was second in another race.
    The sprinter won the 200 in 23.31 and — teaming with Dylan Wilson, Christian Vieira and Josh Lowe — anchored the 4x100 relay that posted a winning time of 46.27. Chaney's time of 11.76 in the 100 was second to the 11.69 of Grants Pass' Mark Hubbard.
    Eagle Point's Kevin Van Dyke had an impressive showing in the 3,000, winning in 9:16.30. His time was within four seconds of the meet record.
    North Medford's Cameron Benton won the 300 hurdles in 43.06.
    In field events, winners included Ashland's Dominic Meads in the discus (143-3) and South Medford's Josh Washington in the high jump (5-8).
    TEAM SCORES — Roseburg 103, Grants Pass 91, South Medford 70, Henley 66.5, Crater 55.5, Hidden Valley 49, Ashland 49, North Valley 39.5, Eagle Point 35, North Medford 29.5, Klamath Union 25.5, Glendale 20.5, Phoenix 14, Rogue River 6, St. Mary's 5, Cascade Christian 4.
    100 METERS — 1, Mark Hubbard, GP, 11.69; 2, Bobby Chaney, SM, 11.76; 3, Shashimani Penn, Ash, 11.78.
    200 METERS — 1, Bobby Chaney, SM, 23.31; 2, Shashimani Penn, Ash, 23.39; 3, Gabe Dickson, Glen, 24.14.
    400 METERS — 1, Alex Jarvis, HV, 53.00; 2, Mitchell Kilkenny, Ros, 53.03; 3, Lake Peterson, Hen, 53.83.
    800 METERS — 1, Nic Feldkamp, Ros, 2:01.9; 2, Garrett Wallace, GP, 2:09.2; 3, Rio Lopez, RR, 2:10.7.
    1 MILE — 1, Wyatt Deck, Ros, 4:49.5; 2, Leif Amundsen, Pho, 4:50.5; 3, Jon Peregrina, SM, 4:51.0.
    3,000 METERS — 1, Kevin VanDyke, EP, 9:16.30; 2, Nate Edwards, Cra, 9:46.20; 3, Tanner Shipley, Cra, 9:52.40.
    110-METER HURDLES — 1, Elijah Castro, HV, 16.4; 2, Seth Wilson, NV, 16.7; 3, Mauka Manuwai, SM, 17.7.
    300-METER HURDLES — 1, Cameron Benton, NM, 43.06; 2, Nick Williams, Ros, 43.50; 3, Hunter Comyford, NV, 43.72.
    4X100-METER RELAY — 1, South Medford (Dylan Wilson, Christian Vieira, Josh Lowe, Bobby Chaney), 46.27; 2, Henley, 46.68; 3, Crater, 47.11.
    4X400-METER RELAY — 1, Roseburg (Nick Williams, Mitchell Kilkenny, Owen Cuilty, Nic Feldkamp), 3:39.74; 2, Henley, 3:41.54; 3, South Medford, 3:46.50.
    SHOT PUT — 1, Brendan Sharp, GP, 42-4.75; 2, Aaron Little, GP, 41-2.25; 3, Casey Carter, HV, 40-9.
    DISCUS — 1, Dominic Meads, Ash, 142-3; 2, Calvin Claassen, GP, 129-8; 3, Javon Gill, Cra, 122-5.
    JAVELIN — 1, John Hanley, GP, 148-3; 2, Travis LaDuke, Ros, 146-10; 3, Micahelangelo Luce, KU, 139-5.
    HIGH JUMP — 1, Josh Washington, SM, 5-8; T2, Stephen Patoine, Ros, 5-6, and Garret Dey, Cra, 5-6.
    POLE VAULT — 1, Boot Clark, Hen, 11-0; 2, Spencer Cyr, Cra, 11-0; 3, Jeret Musser, GP, 10-0.
    LONG JUMP — 1, Stephen Patoine, Ros, 20-2; 2, O'Rion Irving, EP, 19-3.25; 3, Bryce Norris, Hen, 18-11.75.
    TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Stephen Patoine, Ros, 41-3.75; 2, Will Spence, NM, 39-8.50; 3, Kristian Hays, Glen, 37-10.
    TEAM SCORES — Grants Pass 106, North Medford 103, South Medford 92.5, Roseburg 72, Phoenix 63, Crater 37, Henley 34.5, North Valley 34, Klamath Union 31, Hidden Valley 22, St. Mary's 18, Ashland 18, Eagle Point 15, Cascade Christian 10, Rogue River 6, Glendale 1.
    100 METERS — 1, Aeesa Catt, StM, 13.18; 2, Deshae Wise, GP, 13.30; 3, Olivia Lethlean, NM, 13.54.
    200 METERS — 1, Savannah Greenwade, NM, 26.59 (meet record, old mark 26.73 by Emily Carlson, NM, 2011, and Bailey Bascom, Cra, 2013); 2, Sage Hall, GP, 27.46; 3, Olivia Lethlean, NM, 27.59.
    400 METERS — 1, Savannah Greenwade, NM, 59.21; 2, Tarisa Olinski, GP, 61.81; 3, Helena DeCasas, HV, 62.81.
    800 METERS — 1, Mahala Norris, Ros, 2:27.94; 2, Alexandra Flores-Rios, Hen, 2:30.72; 3, Christine Impara, Ash, 2:30.99.
    1 MILE — 1, Mahala Norris, Ros, 5:35.6; 2, Danielle Jantzer, Pho, 5:44.1; 3, Elizabeth Beattie, SM, 5:44.9.
    3,000 METERS — 1, Jenna Anderson, Ros, 10:59.40; 2, Emma Amundsen, Pho, 11:00.20; 3, Jordan Monroe, Cra, 11:06.30.
    100-METER HURDLES — 1, Montana Logue, SM, 16.46; 2, Deshae Wise, GP, 16.87; 3, Lindsey Bonney, GP, 17.27.
    300-METER HURDLES — 1, Lindsey Bonney, GP, 50.02; 2, Lindsey Burns, Pho, 50.14; 3, Cassidy Layton, Cra, 51.34.
    4X100-METER RELAY — 1, Grants Pass (Lindsey Bonney, Deshae Wise, Tarisa Olinski, Sage Hall), 50.52 (meet record, old mark 50.76 by Roseburg, 2010); 2, North Medford, 51.37; 3, Crater, 52.78.
    4X400-METER RELAY — 1, North Medford (Olivia Lethlean, Michala Denn, Meghan Cowan, Jaci Brumble), 4:13.56; 2, Roseburg, 4:17.32; 3, Grants Pass, 4:18.27.
    SHOT PUT — 1, Sara Miles, SM, 35-5.50; 2, Emma Hickman, Pho, 32-5.50; 3, Madison Rice, KU, 31-10.25.
    DISCUS — 1, Emma Hickman, Pho, 110-0; 2, Cheyenne Crowl, NV, 95-6; 3, Sara Miles, SM, 92-4.
    JAVELIN — 1, Sara Miles, SM, 105-1; 2, Cheyenne Crowl, NV, 104-5; 3, Myla Norvell, Ash, 96-6.
    HIGH JUMP — 1, Madison Rice, KU, 4-10; 2, Tarisa Olinski, GP, 4-10; T3, Kara Krnacik, Ros, 4-8, and Logan Billi, SM, 4-8.
    POLE VAULT — 1, Sage Ramsey, Ros, 8-0; 2, Sisalee Parrish, Hen, 7-6; T3, Morgen Fossen, NM, 7-0, and Meghan Cowan, NM, 7-0.
    LONG JUMP — 1, Lindsey Bonney, GP, 15-6.75; 2, Jaci Brumble, NM, 15-3.75; 3, Logan Billi, SM, 14-2.50.
    TRIPLE JUMP — 1, Marinda Stanton, EP, 33-3.75; 2, Jaci Brumble, NM, 31-9; 3, Isabelle Taylor, Hen, 31-1.50.
    Reach sports editor Tim Trower at 541-776-4479, or email ttrower@mailtribune.com
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