(Ashland Tidings)

(Ashland Tidings)

Ashland will vote bonds for $175,000 to put the medicinal waters in the park. Of this amount $110,500 will bring the water to the points of distribution, and $65,000 will be expended in fountains and fixing the proper surroundings in the park.

In response to the call for a mass meeting of the citizens to consult on the proposed bond issue to bring in the springs, an enthusiastic audience of 150 citizens crowded the Commercial Club room to the limit last night.

The committee explained the plans in detail as far as the matter had progressed and every phase of the bond issue and springs enterprise was discussed by the taxpayers.

In furtherance of the desires of the committee a motion was offered advising the committee to prepare a bond election for $175,000 for the purpose.

This will be done. Under the law it will take about 60 days to bring the matter to a vote.

It was one of the most important, harmonious and enthusiastic gatherings ever held in Ashland.


GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Four representatives of the Educational Film company arrived in the city yesterday, driving a large car, with truck body, loaded with their equipment. two of them went on with the machine to the Klamath Falls country, bound from here to Sisson Lake, at the foot of Shasta. The others went to the Smith River region. The parties are to make films throughout the district of subjects of an educational and general interest. In the Klamath country the colonies of nesting pelicans and other wild fowl will be pictured, and attempts will be made to get bear and cougar subjects in the mountains during the spring and summer.