May 3, 1914

May 3, 1914

L.C. Gilman, president of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle "North Bank" Line, W.D. Scott, general manager of the same road, and Manager Gerig of the Pacific & Eastern, left this morning in President Gilman's private car for a tour of inspection of the road between this city and Butte Falls. The party will return this afternoon and Mr. Gilman and Mr. Scott leave for the North this evening.

It is explained that the trip is the annual inspection tour of the new president, who had not been over the road, but the visit of the Hill officials led to local hopes that it might result in a recommendation to finish the connecting link between the Oregon Trunk and Pacific & Eastern.


The author of "The Diary of a Beauty," published in the May Women's Home Companion, comments as follows on the differences between marriage in America and abroad:

"I have made some discoveries concerning the tremendous differences between marriage in America and marriage in Europe. Apparently, over there everything is done for advantage. In Germany, for example, the bride provides all the house linen and table furniture which goes into the house. Even the highest families every expenditure is settled in advance. A friend of mine, Baroness von Fremdenberg, for I have baronesses for friends now, is to be married, and the contracts are now being prepared. Her future husband, Captain Count von Killnitz, is to take her to the theater twice a week if she desires, and he is to pay for the tickets. But if she has afternoon tea she is to pay for it herself. However, beauty is much more highly prized in Europe than in America, where it is so much commoner. A girl's beauty is really a dowry. I noticed in England that most women of rank were handsome. Englishmen of rank and fortune can afford to marry penniless beauties."