May 4, 1914

May 4, 1914

Walter Zeigler was bound over to the grand jury under $500 bonds this afternoon for the alleged theft of three guns from the farm home of Harry L. Young, near Brownsboro. Zeigler testified that he bought the guns from a man by the name of Williams, whom he met riding through the woods, for $7. Zeigler was identified by W.E. Ewing as the man who sold the guns to him for $15, giving the name of Charley Williams. Ziegler testified "Williams" told him to give that name when he sold the guns to avoid any trouble. The Ewing check was made out to Williams.

At the time the guns were stolen, a horse and saddle were taken, and later returned by Zeigler, claiming that he was drunk at the time. The horse returned of its own accord.

Zeigler is at liberty on bonds.


Harry Westbrook of Crescent City, Cal., a large property owner of that section, and interested in game, is charged by Game Warden Fred Merrill of Josephine County with killing a yearling deer while taking fish fry from Grants Pass to his own town, sent at his request from the California state hatchery at Sisson to be put in the Northern California streams. An offer has been made to Westbrook, whereby he can return the deer, pay the minimum fine and plead by an attorney.

The game warden alleges that Westbrook killed the deer with a six-shooter when it appeared in the road in front of the auto.

Game Wardens Sandry and Merrill also arrested Harry Whitney and Bill Stewig of Galice for killing deer out of season.

Killing of deer, that are quite plentiful in the hills at this time, is reported as being common, and more prosecutions are slated.