May 8, 1914

May 8, 1914

County Judge Frank L. Tou Velle is highly indignant over an attack upon the county court in the Medford Sun in an editorial written in behalf of the candidacy of Frank H. Madden, the wealthy Central Point orchardist, who is a candidate for county commissioner. Said Mr. Tou Velle:

"Only a few days since the Sun asserted that the candidacy of Mr. Madden was not an attack upon the present county court, and that there could be no issue with the court save that of efficiency, and this morning an insidious attack is made upon the entire court in an effort to discredit Joe Smith.

Who Pays for the Beer?"

"The editorial, entitled 'Who Pays for the Beer?' says that Front street is 'lining up to a man' for Smith, and conveys the insinuation that there is an alliance between Smith and the saloons, when the facts of the matter are that Joe Smith is a teetotaler and never takes a drink of beer or other booze.

"The Sun says that 'the policy of hiring 11 fruit inspectors at $6 per day when the service could be secured at slightly over half that amount,' will not be continued if Mr. Madden is elected.

"These fruit inspectors were hired for a few months only, and the time is nearly up, upon the personal request of Mr. Madden, as chairman of a committee of orchardists who urgently petitioned for a campaign of blight eradication. They are paid $3 a day and allowed $3 for transportation and expenses, and the amount was approved by Mr. Madden and the blight committee. They were appointed on the recommendation of Commissioner Carson, to whom they report. Mr. Madden was insistent upon the appointment of many more inspectors that the court employed.

Madden Urged Increased Pay

"Mr. Madden further urged that County Inspector Myers' salary be increased from $3 a day to $4 a day, with $3 a day for use of automobiles — which the court approved, only to be accused now by Mr. Madden's supporters of 'padding payrolls.' "