The grand jury for the May term of court will be called next Monday. The petit jury will be called a week later.

The principal criminal charges to be investigated are those of check forging, seven cases originally being slated, one woman being included in the list.

During the last week one man charged with forgery has been released to return to the Navy and fight for his country. Miss McIntyre, charged with forgery upon an Ashland bank, was taken to her home in Independence, Ore., by her people, and there is a strong probability that the case against her will not be prosecuted.

J.K. Woods, organizer of the Owls lodge, out on bail, charged with alleged discrepancies, is the best known of the cases to be called.

The last term of the grand jury was remarkable for the unusual number of statutory charges coming before it, succeeded at this session by forgery allegations.


A bulletin issued under date of April 22, by Thomas Cunningham, inspector of fruit pests, for the Province of British Columbia, with referenceto the codling moth, reads as follows:

"To importers, consignees and shippers of fruit, carrying companies and the public generally:

"Nothing is hereby given that, in consequence of several serious outbreaks of codling moth infection during the years 1912 and 1913, the suppression of which has cost the government of British Columbia a large expenditure in cash, in addition to the danger of the introduction of this very destructive pest, having been traced directly to American infested cars, it has been decided:

"That all cars arriving in British Columbia; containing either deciduous or citrus fruit, or other vegetation, if found to be infected with the larvae of the codling moth 'cydia pomponella' either in the cocoon or pual stages, will be immediately closed, sealed and ordered out of the province, whether the fruit contained therein may show infection or not.

"Importers, agents, consignees, carrying companies and other interested parties are strongly urged to advise shippers of fruit or other vegetation that this necessary regulation will be strictly enforced at all the ports of entry in this province, so that shippers south of the international boundary may govern themselves accordingly.


"Inspector of Fruit Pests."