May 17, 1914

May 17, 1914

The chief feature of the primary election in Jackson County Friday was the woeful lack of interest. A large percentage of the voters came out at the solicitation of personal friends. On many of the ballots in the Medford wards the voter was so much interested in having a voice in naming of the ticket that he did not vote for governor, but only for the friend. A survey of the registration books shows also that many heavy property owners and business men did not go near the polls, leaving the duty of citizenship to others.

Practically all the woman vote cast in this city was between 2 and 5 o'clock. It is estimated that about one-seventh of the women vote balloted.

Not a substantial bet was put upon the result. The wagering was chiefly between supporters of Chief Hittson and Summerville, and this was mostly hats.

The disappointment of the primary was the showing of Amos Walker, Republican candidate for sheriff. He made a thorough campaign, and found sentiment strong in his favor. When it came to the voting, however, it was different. The dopesters picked Walker to beat Singler.

County Clerk Gardner will begin the official count of the ballots Monday. None of the contest will require this feature to decide the contest.


Extensive plans and arrangements are in preparation for the Better Baby contest, which is to be held in connection with the Rose Show, May 28th and 29th in the Holland Hotel. Already much interest is being shown by the public and handsome caps have been donated by the Commercial, Wednesday Study College and Colony clubs and by Mr. Jonas Wold of the Medford Pharmacy. The University club and Mr. W.I. Vawter have donated cash, which will be used for purchasing second prizes.

Six rooms in the Holland Hotel have been set aside for the judges and the babies' dressing room. The dining rooms will be used as a waiting room.