May 21, 1914

May 21, 1914

County Clerk Gardner has completed the official count of ballots cast at the primary election Friday. A total of 3665 votes were cast, 2345 republicans voting, 1230 democrats and 90 progressives — about 35 per cent of the registered vote. The official count slightly increases unofficial pluralities previously published, but does not change results.

County Clerk Gardner led the republican ticket in number of votes received. United States Senator G.E. Chamberlain, the democratic, and and Fred H. Mears, for congress, the progressive ticket.

Withycombe received a plurality of 46 votes over Crawford for governor, Smith a plurality of 330 over Bennett for democratic nomination as governor, while Gill got 29 plurality over McMahon to lead the progressives.

Some of the republican county officials got the democratic and progressive nominations also. Nichols got the democratic nomination for state senator, his name being written in; Barkdull's name was written in by the democrats for representative and Garnett's for joint representative. Dean is the democratic nominee for county commissioner and Ussher for coroner.


Ten indictments were returned by the grand jury that closed its sessions Wednesday, as follows: Merle Reynolds, forgery; Don Woods, obtaining money under false pretenses; Jame Murray and Harry Bonssum, forgery, two counts each; Walter Zeigler, larceny from a dwelling; Walter Grow, horse stealing; G.B. Turner, contributing to the deliquency of a child; E.J. Neddd, selling short-weight meat; J.B. Case, obtaining goods and credit by false pretenses; Ray Hazelrigg, larceny of a bicycle.

All of the above except James Murray, E.J. Nedd and J.B. Casey have entered pleas of guilty and will be held in the county jail until the court reaches a final decision on the disposition of their cases.

The hearing of the cases before the petit jury will begin next Monday.