• Good Bean expands into evening tastes

    Jacksonville roaster adds beer, wine, light dinner fare; Costco to test sales of beans
  • Now that Good Bean has a firm footing in east Medford, owner Mike Kell is ready for his next plays.
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  • Now that Good Bean has a firm footing in east Medford, owner Mike Kell is ready for his next plays.
    It doesn't involve a new shop, but he will expand Good Bean's offerings at its Hillcrest Park Drive location, off North Phoenix Road, and boost retail availability of its beans.
    The Jacksonville-based coffee company, which has more than 30 employees at its two locations, now serves wine and beer, aiming for the late-afternoon customer on the way home from work.
    "We've still got the same overall demographic, 80 percent of our customers are professional women," Kell said. "When they get off work, they want to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with a friend. They don't want to go to a restaurant, because they're still going home for dinner, and they don't want to go to a bar. The 4 to 7 time has become real popular for that."
    Starbucks began experimenting with alcohol sales in 2010 and expects to expand its offerings to 40 locations by the end of this year.
    Kell said there's still a trickle of caffeine seekers that time of the day. But beer from Caldera Brewing Co. and wines from Valley View and RoxyAnn — along with pizza, bruschetta and cheese plates — are proving more popular.
    "This probably increases our sales 10 percent, maybe 15 percent, which is significant for the last three hours of the day," Kell said. "Until now, easily 70 percent of our business was done before 2. There will always be people stopping by because they need more alertness, but this is aimed at people who want to ramp down."
    Away from the shop, Good Bean could end up on Costco shelves after trial runs planned for June 12-14 in Medford and June 19-21 in Roseburg.
    "If you can sell as much as their Kirkland brands, they will give you permanent floor space," Kell said.
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