May 25, 1914

May 25, 1914

Probably not a mother in Medford would care to enter her baby in the better baby contest if the conditions were such as prevailed last year. Every housekeeper is aware that if she prepares for 20 guests and at the appointed hour 120 flock in, confusion is sure to follow. But if those guests are babies! Well, one has but to think back to the howling Fourth of last year and remember the frightened babies who were entered for the contest to know what would happen. Crying, crowding, confusion.

But there is a different time coming this year. Just as far as possible will those evils be eliminated, and instead all will be cool, quiet and cozy.

Are you familiar with the Holland Hotel? The beautiful, large dining room is to be used as a reception room for the babies and their attendants. Fortunately this room is on the cool side of the house, so old Sol will be fairly beaten there.

And chairs! Chairs, absolutely guaranteed — large-, small- and medium-sized rockers and straight-backed.

Two large rooms also on the cool side of the building have been selected as dressing rooms. Here will be several attendants to assist in making child and mother comfortable, and the babies can even find a place for a bit of a nap between whiles.

Though it is planned to have a small amount of milk on hand, mothers are urged to come prepared, as the supply will necessarily be limited and must be kept for emergencies. But arrangements have been made for heating the milk.