May 28, 1914

May 28, 1914

Medford men passing St. Mark's hall today and catching whiffs of odorous cooking which floated out through windows and over transoms smiled broadly and winked at each other.

All this signifies that these men are getting some mighty good things to eat this week, and highly approve of the Mail Tribune Home Economics School. One of them was heard to remark today, apropos of the report that Miss Peet was to cook especially to please the men: "I think Medford men owe Miss Peet a vote of thanks, and I for one am going up to that Home Economics School to shake hands with her."

Another man dropped into the Mail Tribune office to say: "My wife has been going to your Home Economics School every day this week, and we're having the best dinner at our house a man ever ate, and my wife says the grocery bills are going to be less, too. Sounds too good to be true, don't it? But she insists, and I guess she knows."

Made Hot Rolls

Miss Peet may have had the men in mind when she made hot rolls today, but she certainly pleased the women. She said she supposed men like her cakes; "some men are fond of cake, but one thing I'm sure of, and that is that all men like good bread. A man's test of a good cook every time is, can she make good bread, and does she know how to cook a steak?" Miss Peet showed them how to do both in her cooking demonstration today, and assured every woman in her audience that they could make good bread every time if they only used accuracy and no guesswork. Miss Peet says she is not superstitious and does not believe in luck. She says the element of uncertainty can be wholly eliminated from cooking, simply by the use of level measurements, accurate following of recipes and a definite knowledge of temperature conditions.

Planked Steak a Beauty

The planked steak would make any man's mouth water, and the women approved of it for various reasons. In the first place it was so perfectly beautiful as to delight any woman's artistic sense; then this steak, with vegetables, comprises a whole meal in itself, and is not only quickly prepared but is quite economical.