May 29, 1914

May 29, 1914

Mr. J. Stilwell Vilas has given a very beautiful cup to the rose society to be used as a trophy in the rose show next week. It is offered for the best Hybrid perpetual rose any named variety.

All the cups given are on exhibition in the window of Martin J. Reddy's jewelry store. The one given by E.G. Brown for the best tea roses is a dainty, banded, gold lined cup of very choice design. The Hollywood orchard cup is perfectly plain, graceful in outline and is offered for the best 10 pink roses of any named variety. The Bullis cup is similar to the Hollywood and is offered for the best 10 red roses of any named variety. F.H. Madden has given a cup for three varieties of Hybrid tea roses, three blooms each. The cup is plain with high curved handles very graceful in design.

W.H. Gore's cup given for the best rose in the garden is a beautiful thing of frosted silver engraved "The 1914 W.H. Gore Trophy, Best Rose in the Garden. Won by ...."

William Hanley's cup, given for the finest basket of 24 roses any named varieties, is a most magnificent thing and must be won three times. The cup is perfectly plain, gold lined and is valued at $90.

Exhibitors in the rose show will be required to furnish their own vases. Plain glass vases at 10 cents each will be on sale at the Holland Hotel, suitable for the exhibition of the best rose in the garden.

Those desiring classification blanks can procure them from Mr. C.E. Gates.


Seeley Hall, Homer Rothermel and E.D. Weston returned this noon from a trip to Crater Lake in an attempt to reach the lake in a Hupmobile car. They worked their way to within four miles of the famous scenic spot, left their auto in a snowdrift and walked to government headquarters. The lake with the snow on all sides, in its winter garb, was a sight the three declare, never to be forgotten. Seeley Hall, who has viewed the lake hundreds of times, says it was much different from the summer season, as night from day.

The first obstacle in the path was reached when the party reached the government line. Heavy drifts from there to White Horse canyon marked the road, and the sturdy little machine plowed its way through the snow drifts.