• Mail Tribune 100: June 5, 1914

  • Editor’s note: The following item was drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune from 100 years ago.
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  • Editor’s note: The following
    item was drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune from 100 years ago.
    To the Editor:
    This outburst is the result of the action of the council in raising the water rates of this (Siskiyou Heights) district to such an extent that I, for one, will be unable to continue the business of raising vegetables, even for my own use.
    Twenty-five cents for 1,000 gallons of water is a price that cannot be paid by the suburbanite. It is practically driving him out of his home and compelling him to move into town or leave altogether.
    I have made a good reputation and a good trade raising garden truck, but I cannot raise vegetables with an increase of over 100 per cent in my water bill.
    I buy my water from the city, and while the price so far has been high enough, still it was paid.
    Now the cost of water is raised so that my water bill will be raised to between $20 and $25 per month, a price which can only result in one thing, and that is for me to close up business and emigrate to a place where, instead of being driven out of business, I will be encouraged to continue.
    I want to call the attention of the council and taxpayers of Medford to a few things about this water business:
    First, the city has a number of fountains running night and day — about 40,000 gallons of water practically wasted every day from each one.
    Why are the fountains not shut off say at 7 p.m. and turned on again at 7 a.m.?
    Why leave them run all night, if water is so valuable?
    Second — There is a constant stream of water wasted, amounting to millions of gallons a month, overflow from the city reservoir, showing there is no shortage in supply.
    Third — The city has a pile of old water pipe lying back of the city barn on South Riverside on which a sprinkler has been running almost continuously since the middle of February. Why?
    We appeal to the people of Medford for a square deal.
    — WILL M. FORDE, The Siskiyou Heights gardener, but soon no more
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