June 8, 1914

June 8, 1914

To the Editor: It is not my purpose to add materially to the many statements of fact which have appeared recently from outside users of water. What has been said is, for the most part, vitally true and affects, in a direct manner, the welfare of the city of Medford, as well as those engaged in making the outlying districts live up to their reputation of being an aggregate Utopia for home seekers, a large percentage of them from the east having, with buoyant hopes, renewed energies and, for the most part, all their money left untoward conditions of climate, outlook, etc., back there for the new horizons here.

Just a word, however, regarding this astonishing paradox committed by the city council.

Genuine enthusiasm for this, our beautiful home valley (beyond compare, we think), has caused the expenditure of many thousands of dollars in advertising.

The valley of the Rogue is perhaps better known east of the Mississippi than any other section of the northwest. Known and looked forward to, mind you, by many who are struggling toward a consummation of plans that will enable them to come here and live, with all that word entails in good citizenship.

... Will mention our own case in the present water grievance. It is serious I can assure you. Under the present rate, on our little 20-acre ranch (I speak for Janes Bros.) we pay $54 a year. This in itself is almost prohibitive, considering that the pressure is next to nil, and we have to dole the water out over our respective lawns and flowers with about the same (stinginess) as travelers in the Sahara Desert would dole it out to themselves. Under the new rate, it would cost us $90 a year, and the initial complimentary charge of $10 for meter.

Rather impressive figures, these, considering the water that we don't get. Just one phase of the paradox, you understand.

W. CARLETON JANES, Capitol Hill.