If John McCain had won the 2008 election for president (which he overwhelmingly did not), America would still be in a state of perpetual war.

If John McCain had won the 2008 election for president (which he overwhelmingly did not), America would still be in a state of perpetual war.

I wonder what motivates McCain's constant propensity to send our military men and women to any conflict on any continent to be killed, maimed or brought home with PTSD to traumatize the rest of their lives. Whether it is cross-border or internecine warfare, John McCain is the first, loudest voice to hector his years-ago opponent for not dragging us in as superheroes.

President Obama has managed to clean up the mess after eight tumultuous years of American bravado. His platform is constant; he uses diplomacy, material and training to aid our friends. He brought our troops home as he said he would, recognizing that they are way too valuable to be sacrificed abroad.

He is doing his best to keep us out of other countries' wars. He is absolutely correct when he says that America cannot solve religious conflicts in Iraq, or elsewhere. It is long past time for Americans to show gratitude to the president for keeping their families and friends home and safe, ready to defend our country should the need arise. — Gail Beason, Talent

Regarding the rescue of Sgt. Bergdahl, it's a matter of public record that Republicans were for it before they were against it. Their indignation over the details might be more convincing if they weren't such ardent admirers of Ronald Reagan, who illegally sold weapons to Iran in exchange for American hostages and gave the proceeds to Nicaraguan terrorists.

Some have expressed concern about the danger posed to Americans by the prisoners we released. Since President Obama took office, only a handful of Americans have been killed by terrorists, but over 30,000 are killed by gun violence every year. Schoolchildren are routinely massacred. If Republicans cared about public safety, they'd pass reasonable gun laws. Instead, they pass their time decrying Obama's latest outrage — the freeing of an American soldier held captive by the Taliban.

And our slaughter of the innocents goes on and on. — Michael Steely, Medford

I, like millions of Americans, feel that this country has wasted much too much of our blood and treasure on Iraq.

What is happening in that part of the world has been going on for eons, and this country cannot stop the sectarian violence. As for the neocons: the five-deferment Cheneys and the chickenhawks of this country who have no skin in the game: I will support going back to Iraq if those who are so quick to put "boots and the ground" insist that their children and grandchildren are the first to don a uniform and stand a post in that quagmire called the Middle East. — Lindsay Paulk, White City