June 19, 1914

June 19, 1914

The county court has signed a contract with M.P. Henderson on the University of Wisconsin to act as county horticultural and agricultural expert co-operating with the state in the studying and combating of plant diseases, under direction of the Oregon Agricultural College.

Under the agreement, the county pays $2,000 and the state $2,000. The salary is $2,500, the remaining $1,500 being used to meet office and laboratory expenses, rent, etc. Under the O'Gara regime the yearly cost to the county was in excess of $6,000 a year.

Prof. Henderson will assume charge July 1, and will establish an office in Medford and also act as weather bureau observer.

The contract was signed by Messrs. Tou Velle and Leever, Mr. Smith being absent.


UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Eugene, June 19 — Miss Hazel Rader, of Medford, who was this week selected assistant instructor in the department of physical training for women, is, according to Dr. Bertha Stuart, head of that department, the best all-around woman athlete she has ever met in the west. Dr. Stuart hopes to make of Miss Rader a high class gymnasium director, and believes that she is qualified to make a name for herself in this work.

"There is going to be a great field for physical directors for women in this state," says Dr. Stuart. "In Oregon the average girl leaves off regular exercise about the age of 11 and does not take it up again until she enters the university at about 18, and then it is usually too late to regain her youthful energy and grace."

Dr. Stuart looks upon this situation as nothing short of dreadful.

"Plenty of high schools in Oregon have well equipped gymnasiums," she says, "but they might as well not have any as to follow their custom of having the gymnasium and the apparatus with no one to direct the work. Coming from an eastern university to the Pacific coast, one is immediately struck with the lack of control over their bodies on the part of the young women out here. This is not merely a source of unhappiness and ill health to them in later life, but the sickliness of women involves an economic waste to a great extent. Beyond all question, the time is coming when the schools will employ instructors who will look out for the physical side, and it is our duty to prepare to supply this demand."