June 24, 1914

June 24, 1914

Jim and Walter Garvin of Talent engaged in a shooting duel Tuesday night about midnight with three yeggs, who were attempting to rob the Talent post office. When discovered, the robbers were preparing to crack the safe, and had secured 30 cents left in a money drawer. One of the yeggs cut his hand in leaping through a back window, and this morning, a man with a hand tied up was seen going on a freight towards Ashland. The Ashland police were notified.

The Garvins first heard the safecrackers when they were breaking into the S.P. section tool house, where they secured a couple of picks and a sledge hammer. They took their Winchesters and followed the trio. For a time they lost track of their prey, but finally located them hammering away at the post office safe. While they were deciding on a line of action, the lookout of the gang came out from the doorway.

The two watchers ordered him to halt, and he replied with a shot from a six shooter. The Garvins returned with fire, and seven or eight shots were fired. The two on the inside kicked out a back window and made their escape, being joined by the lookout, who ducked around the side of the building under the Garvin fire. The three ran towards the railroad track, and escaped.

The shots woke up the town, and a posse was organized. The police of Medford and Ashland and the sheriff's office were notified, and a watch kept for the criminals.


WASHINGTON, June 24 — Although Aug. 1 is the date originally set for the probable time for the organization of the federal reserve, it now seems likely that organization will not be earlier than Sept. 1. The senate's delayed confirmation of members of the federal reserve board and delayed choice of directors for the federal reserve banks will defeat the plan to open Aug. 1.

The organization committee is engaged in compiling a list of nominations for the directorships in the 12 federal reserve banks. After the complete list has been compiled it will be submitted to the electors named by all member banks. These electors in turn must cast their ballots for directors within 15 days after receipt by them of the list of nominees.