June 25, 1914

June 25, 1914

Harry Price was bound over to the grand jury this morning on a charge of stealing 50 turkeys from the Bradshaw ranch on the Antelope by Justice of the Peace Taylor. For 10 days he had a double career as Fred Lewis, the well known Wellen rancher, spending money with a free hand, and giving turkeys away to acquaintances. Arrested he claimed that two men gave him cocaine and that while under its influence he hired a team and robbed the roosts.

Price was identified as the man who sold the turkeys by Emil Mohr of the Medford Hotel, and six other witnesses. Price told the police when first arrested that he was Fred Lewis of Wellen, and was highly indignant at being put in the city jail. Price had the effrontery to maintain that he was Lewis, even after friends and acquaintances of Lewis disputed his word. He also posed as the son of a Santa Barbara, Calif., banker.

During the carnival last week Price spent money like a drunken sailor, and the police are trying to check up his operations for the last six months. They believe that he is wanted in the south for criminal operations.

Price's defense was that he did not know what he was doing when he robbed the roosts, asserting that he was helpless to resist while under the effects of narcotics. The two men Price claimed gave him the drugs have disappeared.


PORTLAND, Ore., June 25 — At a state conference of prohibition party leaders, which began a three day session here today, plans were laid for the beginning of an immediate campaign to put Oregon in the dry column at the November elections. Theirs is the first of the parties in Oregon to get the political machinery under way.

The most unique of the plans which will be undertaken immediately is that of enlisting the services of drunkards to spread the propaganda for a dry state.