What are the Green Springs and the Soda Springs? How do I get there?

What are the Green Springs and the Soda Springs? How do I get there?

— Tom, via email

The Green Springs refers to an area rich with natural springs along Highway 66 east of Ashland, as well as the community of scattered homes and businesses there.

Soda Springs is another area with multiple springs accessed via Highway 66, followed by several smaller roads.

Green Springs Box R Ranch Manager Jesse Randall said he doesn't know of any springs specifically named Green Springs, but Green Springs Mountain in the area is covered with natural springs.

He said one popular stopping point is Tub Springs, which is near hiking trails and the historic Applegate Trail, which was used by early Oregon pioneers.

"There's lots to do up here. It's worth the trip," Randall said.

To reach Tub Springs State Park, travel 181/2; miles up Highway 66 from Ashland. The park is on the north side of the road 11/2; miles past the Green Springs Inn. The springs pour into a series of man-made rock basins, and you may see people filling jugs with the sparkling water.

For a hike on Soda Springs Trail and views of mineral springs, a creek, ponds and Mount McLoughlin, drive east on Highway 66 from Ashland and turn left onto Dead Indian Memorial Highway. Go 18 miles and turn left onto Shell Peak Road. Follow that road to spur Road 185 and a trailhead on the left.

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