In accordance with the usual custom, there will be no issue of the Mail Tribune, July 4. Society news and Saturday's features will be in Friday's (July 3) issue.


The lowest water pressure in the history of the city was experienced this morning according to Water Superintendent George Tranna. The temporary shortage is due to heavy use by consumers during the present hot weather.

At noon the pressure at Fourth and King streets was four pounds, and to force the water to the top floors of the Medford Hotel it was necessary to tighten up the valves. The mains were estimated to be half full.

The last three days the pressure has been low and users have been reckless in its use. Many keep their faucets open night and day under the impression the water will be cooler.

The water department urges conservation.


The Seventh company met last evening and decided to take over the Natatorium bowling alley and open their drill room for club room purposes. There are no places in this city where young men can spend their evenings (since there is no Y.M.C.A. building) outside of a pool room.

It is planned to have several members give magazines to the club rooms and to subscribe to the daily papers. An employment bureau will be run in connection with the room and supply work to those members who need positions.

The bowling privilege will be run at cost so that the boys may have pleasure without great cost.

A pool table and billiard table will be secured and the members will be allowed to use them at a small cost per hour. A piano or victrola may be added later.

The company will give several dress balls and these will be strictly invitational affairs.

It is planned to rent the swimming pool once a month at least, and probably once a week so that the young men may learn to swim and the instruction will be free.

The gymnasium apparatus may be secured and a class taken once a week.