July 12, 1914

July 12, 1914

The Medford Printing company is turning out some real fancy labels this year for the progressive orchardists of the Rogue River valley.

The company has prepared new type and borders and plates for the production of labels of the highest class and you should see some of the high-class work we are turning out.

Several of the larger orchardists have gone a step further in their efforts to get labels that will be attractive and had plates made for their individual brands, some of these being very elaborate, while others are beautiful from their simplicity. The idea of individual labels is not a new idea and is the simple following of the methods of the modern business man who creates a demand for his wares by putting quality beneath his label. Wherever you go you always ask for the brand you know is good.

Those who have seen and tasted the products of the Rogue river orchards know what they are. The only thing remaining is to establish the different brands and have the public know that when he sees a Rogue river fruit label he knows he has before him the best in fruit, whatever its variety.

The man who buys fruit with your label this year looks for the same brand next year — and the Medford Printing company is helping you all it can. It prints the labels.

If you have not already placed your orders for your labels, do it now. The phone number is 75, if you are to busy to call.


There are ninety-odd million people in the United States. The feeding, clothing and housing of this population make the wheels of business revolve year in and year out, so that in good or bad times the wheels of commerce are revolving, and while the people may not be making money as fast or in such a spectacular way, money is daily being made and accumulated for investment and speculation.

This money sooner or later finds its way into investment channels. One of the most stable investments is offered by the real estate market, both in ownership of real estate and in the investment of mortgages. While real estate owners and the real estate fraternity in general have been depressed during the past year, the conditions in the real estate market are nevertheless sounder at the present time than in boom years.