A look at the biggest moves made so far during the NBA's free agency period:

A look at the biggest moves made so far during the NBA's free agency period:

LEBRON JAMES — Leaves Miami for Cleveland. Best player in the world changes teams and goes home, and the balance of power in the East has now shifted out of Miami.

CHRIS BOSH — Staying in Miami, will be signing five-year deal worth $118 million. Keeping Bosh helped Heat avoid what would have been offseason disaster.

CARMELO ANTHONY — Reportedly staying with New York Knicks, who would be in worlds of trouble otherwise this season.

KYLE LOWRY — Staying in Toronto, and despite widespread speculation otherwise, there was no way Masai Ujiri was letting the Raps' point guard go anywhere.

PAU GASOL — Leaves the Los Angeles Lakers for Chicago Bulls, making his announcement Saturday. Add Bulls to suddenly growing list of big-time East contenders.

MARCIN GORTAT — Staying in Washington, five years and $60 million. Wizards impressed many last season and young core will only get better.

GORDON HAYWARD — Staying in Utah after Jazz matched Charlotte's offer sheet. Hayward has answered every challenge since coming to NBA from Butler. Stardom next?

ISAIAH THOMAS — Leaves Sacramento for Phoenix. With this playmaker running the point, the Suns will be a very popular sleeper pick in the West going into the season.

ZACH RANDOLPH — Staying in Memphis, which alone gives Grizzlies hope. When Randolph is right, he can be close to unguardable 1-on-1.

ANTHONY MORROW — Leaves New Orleans for Oklahoma City. He's one of the league's best 3-point threats and now gets to play off MVP Kevin Durant.

SHAUN LIVINGSTON — Leaves Brooklyn for Golden State, gets chance to be a full-fledged starter and got paid. His comeback from that awful knee injury? Complete.

DARREN COLLISON — Leaves the Los Angeles Clippers for Sacramento, where he gets a nice raise and chance to be Isaiah Thomas' replacement in the backcourt.

VINCE CARTER — Leaves Dallas for Memphis, gets three-year deal. Leadership will help, but Grizzlies need more to get into mix with the best West teams.

AVERY BRADLEY — Staying in Boston, getting $32 million over four years after proving himself last year when Celtics were without Rajon Rondo.

TIM DUNCAN — Staying in San Antonio, like there was any chance of anything else.

DIRK NOWITZKI — Staying in Dallas, also like there was any chance of anything else.

SPENCER HAWES — Leaves Cleveland for the Los Angeles Clippers. Big, strong and now a 3-point threat? Clips got better, without question.

BORIS DIAW — Staying in San Antonio, and after the way he played in the Finals this is no surprise.

NICK YOUNG — Staying with the Los Angeles Lakers, and really was the team's lone bright spot at times last season. Explosive scorer when rolling.

PATTY MILLS — Staying in San Antonio, even though he'll miss several months because of shoulder surgery. Spurs did class thing keeping him.

PATRICK PATTERSON — Staying in Toronto, where Raptors rave about what he gives them on and off the court. Raps love the young core, with good reason.