July 15, 1914

July 15, 1914

To the Editor:

I have often realized when I have been out motoring for pleasure that a little information regarding the condition of the different roads would have saved me much discomfort of heavy or lately improved roads and might have informed me of some roads that were a pleasure to drive over. One thing I have in mind is the condition of the road from Medford to Ashland since the reconstruction of the same has begun.

To avoid the main road where grading and paving is under way, I take the road out of Eastman street and go either by Hill Crest orchard or the road by Barnsburgs to the road running south by the Sam Van Dyke place and cross Bear Creek at the Phoenix bridge, then by the main road to Ashland: if the road from Phoenix to Talent is torn up across the railroad tracks at Phoenix and take the foot hill road around by the old Reames place and intersect the main road at Talent. The above roads are very good indeed.

If the road is torn up south of Talent, then you want to turn east at the Phoenix bridge (do not cross the bridge) and take the road on the east side of Bear Creek all the way around to the Eagle Mill at the foot of Jackson hill. This road is good all the way around except two small hills east of Talent. This road is about four miles longer than the main road to Ashland, but you avoid the almost impassable passing of the different improvement squads.

Yours truly,



Sheriff T.M. Word of Multnomah is in Medford on his way back to Portland with two prisoners, held on the charge of automobile larceny. The two young men stole an automobile in Spokane and drove it south to Sacramento. At Portland they cashed several hundred dollars worth of forged checks and left forged paper in most of the towns they passed through.

All along the road between Portland and Sacramento warnings were sent out to catch the two men, but they managed to slip through to Sacramento. Sheriff Word secured them there, and with Mrs. Word, who met him in California, was on his way back with team when the recovered automobile in which they were traveling broke down at Talent. As soon as the car is repaired, Mr. and Mrs. Word will go on to Portland with the prisoners.