How often is the site updated?
The site’s home page is updated throughout the day, beginning at 2 a.m. when the day’s stories from the Mail Tribune are published. Our Associated Press coverage updates 24 hours a day.
How do I get back to the home page?
Just click the Mail Tribune header at the top of the page.
What happened to all the words down the side of the page that helped lead through the site?
The navigation — that’s the way you get around the site, or navigate it — is on the top now, instead of at the side, and it includes fewer words than the old navigation did. As you slide your mouse over the words on it, you’ll see sub sections appear. When a sub section appears with an arrow next to it, that means there’s more content another layer in.
Each main section of the newspaper is set up with its own "home" page where all of the features of that section are collected. To get to the home page of a section - News, Sports or Lifestyles, for example - click on the word on the navigation bar of the main home page.
Why do stories with photos sometimes include a line like “Photo 1 of 2” above the photo?
When stories have more than one photo available, you’ll see that reference above the photo. You can click on the link and see all the photos connected to the story.
On pages that show stories, you’ve got links to “del.icio.us,” “reddit” and other things. What is that?
Del.icio.us” and the others are social networking sites. Click on one of the links, and you can add a Mail Tribune story link to your account on the social networking site.
What are RSS feeds, and how do they work?
RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows readers to receive feeds of Mail Tribune headlines, including links back to mailtribune.com stories. RSS is available on parts of the site that include a small orange box above the center column. To see the complete list of RSS feeds, pull down the “Interact” menu and look for the “RSS feeds” link in the center column of any of the pages.
The site has a new search box. How does it work?
The site’s search happens via Google, so it works just as if you’re searching Google. Type a term into the box and press return, and a list of stories will appear. Archives on the new site go back only to early 2007 depending on the section, but you can access older stories by using the search box. Type in a search term and press "Find It!," and the site will call up a list of stories. You can organize the list by date or by relevance by clicking on one of those words at the top of the search results page.
I liked the longer list of local news on the old site. Where can I get local news in one spot here?
In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click on the word “News” or on “News home.” You’ll go to a page that lists all of the day’s local news headlines with summaries. To get an index of everything new on the site for the current day, click on "Today's Index" from the News pulldown menu.
I’m having trouble reading your site. Graphics don’t seem to work like they should, and the type doesn’t display in a completely readable form. What’s wrong?
We have done our best to make this site work with most standard browsers. But some browser programs have significant differences. There are even big variations in versions of popular programs. This site is optimized for Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 2.0.
You can view most of our site with earlier versions of these and other browsers, but we recommend upgrading your browser to one of these two.
Screen resolution also can affect how the site displays. It was developed for viewing at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
Viewing it at that resolution will allow the page to display without left/right scroll bars. If you are at a lower resolution or on a smaller monitor, it is likely that you will not see all of the content unless you scroll to the right.
Changing screen resolutions can cause problems if you change your resolution to one not supported by your monitor.
When I look at your site in the morning, I sometimes see yesterday’s news. Why?
Our site uses a “caching,” or copying, system to handle large amounts of information quickly. Information we post on it goes to a server that then spreads the information to other servers.
To see the latest information we’ve posted, you may need to refresh the page. On a PC, first try holding down the Control (CTRL) key on your computer’s keyboard and then pressing F5.
If that doesn’t help, follow these instructions to clear temporary files and refresh the cache:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Open Internet Explorer.
Click Tools in the upper toolbar.
Click Internet Options to open Internet Properties.
Click the General tab
Click Delete Files under “Temporary Internet Files”.
Check Delete all offline content.
Click OK on the Delete Files dialogue box.
Click Apply and then OK.
Click Start, select Settings and Control Panel.
Double-click Internet Options to open Internet Properties.
Click Delete Files.
NOTE: Do not select Delete Cookies. Delete Cookies removes all the cookies stored on the computer.
Click OK on the Delete Files dialog box.
Click OK.
Close Window.
Go to Microsoft
Mozilla Firefox
Click Tools in the upper toolbar and select Options.
Click the Privacy Icon.
Click Clear across from the Cache option.
Click Ok.
Exit and re-launch the browser.
Mozilla 1.7
Open Mozilla
Click on Edit in the upper toolbar and Select Preferences.
Click the Advance category.
Expand Advance category and click on Cache.
Click the Clear Cache option.
Click Ok.
Exit and re-launch the browser.
Safari 1.0 for Macintosh OS X
Open Safari.
Click on Safari in the upper toolbar and Select Empty Cache.
Click Empty on the Are you sure message box.
Exit and re-launch the browser.
Also, note that some large Internet service providers cache their own copies of our site onto their main computers as a way to speed the viewing time of pages for members. If your ISP is caching the site and not updating the cache regularly, you may not necessarily be viewing the most current version of the site.
I can see you have ads on the site, but they don’t appear where they’re supposed to be. Why?
Some of the ads use Adobe Flash, and you may need to install a plug-in to make them work. You can download Flash for free from the Adobe site.

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