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The Mail Tribune's magazine celebrating unique homes and gardens of Southern Oregon. Your ad in HomeLife reaches 44,710* active consumers who take pride in their homes and gardens monthly.

*2004 Belden Associates

Customer Quotes

“Our HomeLife magazine advertisement allows us to direct our message to exactly the perfect targeted market. It doesn't get better than that!”

— Bryan Platt, Pristine Window Films

“Homelife magazine has been one of our best, cost-effective forms of advertising. I have received numerous jobs for designing, remodels, additions and new construction, especially specialty types of designs such as hydronic heating, Craftsman and Victorian styled homes. I will continue, as long as I am in business, and as long as I continue to receive results, to advertise in Homelife.”

— Dave Fisse, Northwest Design

“One of the best things about advertising in HomeLife is that readers save their issues. We've gotten business from customers who first saw our ad a year ago!”

— Barbara Norby, Home Country Club

So, What Do These Facts Mean to Your Business?

65% (35,945) of HomeLife readers keep the magazine for up to 3 weeks after publication?

Readers refer to HomeLife repeatedly. It is kept around for ideas and that means several exposures of your advertising message.

37% (55,300) of Jackson County adults read HomeLife?
These active consumers are searching for products and services to enhance their lifestyle at home — indoors and outdoors. Invite them to shop and buy at your business.

Over 24,000 Jackson County appliance shoppers chose the Mail Tribune?
as their source they rely upon most when making major household
appliance purchasing decisions.

Nearly 22,000 Jackson County furniture shoppers chose the Mail Tribune?
as their source they rely upon most when making furniture purchasing decisions. Whether it's an immediate need, or just shopping for a future purchase, consumers scour the pages of
HomeLife each month.

HomeLife readers are more likely to be married and to own their own home when compared to Jackson County adults?

These are the people who are making purchases for their homes
and gardens.

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