John Michael Champagne Cellars

1425 Humbug Creek Rd
Applegate, OR

About the Winery:

John Michael Champagne Cellars is a boutique winery producing various champagnes and still wines. The tasting room is located on the vineyard side with a spectacular view of the Applegate Valley and Greyback mountain.The champagnes poured at the tasting room have won Gold, Best of Class, People's Choice, or Slver Medal recognition in some of the most prestigous national and international wine competitions.

The tasing room is open Friday - Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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1425 Humbug Creek Road, Applegate, OR 97530

Phone: 541-846-0810

The tasting room features a glass lighting and art glass gallery, as well as Asian folk-art jewelry.This family owned winery is dedicated to producing premium, estate bottled wines. They are also dedicated to helping foster kids and have been certified treatment foster care providers for 8 years. Part of the income from the winery goes to fund educational and recreation programs for foster kids.