Open burning is permitted in much of Jackson County, but restrictions and regulations apply.

Q. When and where are open and barrel burning prohibited?

A. Burning is prohibited in the Air Quality Maintenance Area during November, December, January and February. That area has the same boundary as the Department of Environmental Qualityís inspection and maintenance area, so if your car has to pass emissions tests, you canít have open burns in the winter. Here is a map of the area: The cities of Medford and Jacksonville prohibit all open burning at all times.

Burning anywhere is prohibited during fire season and in the winter if air isnít circulating in the valley and the ventilation index is below 400. Call 776-7007 to find out if today is a burn day.

Q. What can I burn?

A. Generally you can burn woody debris. The list of prohibited materials includes wet garbage, plastic, wire insulation, automobile parts, asphalt, petroleum products or treated materials, rubber, asbestos, animal remains, animal or vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or service of food, any material which emits dense smoke or noxious odors.

Q. Do I need a permit to burn?

A. Yes, get a burn permit from the fire department that serves the property where you plan to burn. If you donít know which fire district you live in, call 774-8207.