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  • No joy in California towhee's song - 6/6/2014

    Birdsong brings great joy to many. A robin song on an early March day as winter is loosening its grip reminds us that warmer days filled with flowers and more birdsong are soon approaching.

  • Jackson County welcomes the grackle - 5/9/2014

    There's a new kid in town. This one is a large blackbird with an outrageous tail, appropriately named the great-tailed grackle.

  • Believe it or not, jays do have a song - 3/28/2014

    The late winter sun provides a touch of warmth while I'm working in the yard, and the first tentative songs are beginning to break the winter silence.

  • Listen for the quail's call of 'chi-ca-go' - 2/28/2014

    Rustle. Rustle. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. Whooosh! Ten? Fifteen? More? Who can tell? The plump birds explode from the shrubs along the driveway and sail off into the neighbor's yard.

  • Berry, berry good for robins - 1/24/2014

    Around the world, there are clay-colored thrushes, island thrushes, creamy-bellied thrushes, rufous-backed robins, bare-eyed thrushes, Siberian thrushes and common (Eurasian) blackbirds.

  • Hats off to those tough little hummers - 12/27/2013

    They should all be dead. The hummingbirds.

  • Beauty is in the eye (or ears) of the owl - 11/29/2013

    Among birds and mammals, symmetry is beauty. Females frequently choose mates, in part, on how balanced antlers, horns, facial features and the like are displayed.

  • It's fall harvest time for the crew - 10/25/2013

    The large black oak stands alone in the field. It is a survivor. The tree was spared when the rest of the forest was cut to create a pasture.

  • Coast rings dinner bell for pelicans - 10/4/2013

    Summer seems like an odd time for birds to migrate north. Most are wrapping up breeding and preparing for the southward trek.

  • Forest-dwelling, band-tailed boomers - 8/30/2013

    Tumblers and tipplers, homers and carriers, pouters and rollers all testify to the close association between pigeons and their relatives and people.

  • Birding in Nome is a big treat - 8/16/2013

    Greetings from Nome. My wife and I decided to head north on vacation this year. Nome is a great place. It's sunny most of the time (at least while we were there).


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