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The Upper Rogue River region in the northern part of Jackson County is perhaps best known for its natural beauty. It’s home to Crater Lake National Park and the headwaters of the mighty Rogue River. It also includes a string of small towns and hamlets nestled along the river and deep in the woods.

Butte Falls

Dewings Co., of Reed City, Mich., bought timbered property near the falls on Big Butte Creek in 1901 and build a small, water-powered sawmill there in 1906, county records show. The company became known as the Butte Falls Sugar Pine Lumber Co. and its first boss, Bert Harris, platted the town of Butte Falls in 1905. It was dedicated and accepted by the Jackson County Recorder on Jan. 22, 1906.

City Hall:
431 Broad St.,
P.O. Box 268,
Butte Falls, OR 97522
Phone: 541-865-3262

445 (2009)

Shady Cove

Shady Cove takes its name from a sheltered nook along the banks of the Rogue River about 300 yards upstream from a Highway 62 bridge over the river. In the first quarter of the 20th century, two entrepreneurs platted the land next to the cove for a summer-home and recreational development. The post office that made Shady Cove a name rather than just a description of the locale opened in 1939. Shady Cove is the newest city in Jackson County, incorporated in 1972.

City Hall:
22451 Highway 62,
P.O. Box 1210,
Shady Cove, OR 97539
Phone: 541-878-2225
Fax: 541-878-2226

2,865 (2009)


Prospect began as a logging town, with the first sawmill opening in 1870. The town was initially called Deskins after the first postmaster, but he fell on hard times and sold all his business ventures there. The man who bought his holdings and became the next postmaster changed the name to Prospect in 1889, “Oregon Geographic Names” reports. He chose the name based on the prospect that a rail line was headed into the area.


The community of Trail is at the mouth of Trail Creek, a Rogue tributary named for an Indian trail traversing its banks, according to “Oregon Geographic Names.” The trail between the Umpqua and Rogue river basins formed a shortcut between Roseburg and a military road to the south. A post office was established there in 1893.

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