Staff Listing

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Administration Department
Singletary, Grady Publisher

Advertising Department Phone: 541-776-4422
Bailey, Kurt Packaging/distribution manager
DeRose, Dena Advertising Director
Jackson, Bret Production Supervisor

Circulation Department
Cook, Georgie Circulation Service Manager
Krueger, Mark Circulation manager
Rose, Ed Operations Director

News Department Phone: 541-776-4477
Fax: 541-776-4376
Copy Desk
Dieffenbacher, Steve Copy editor
Galvin, Rob News editor
Heie, Troy Features copy editor
Howard, Mark Copy editor
Roth, Forrest
Burke, Anita Online editor
Galvin, Rob News editor
Heuston, Laurie Tempo and Revels editor
Hunter, Bob Editor
Nelson, Gary Editorial page editor
Noah, Cathy City editor
Pennell, Bob Photo editor
Smigelski, David Features editor
Trower, Tim Sports editor
Freelance reporters
Boom, Tony
Darling, John
Howe-Decker, Angela
Pollock, Buffy
Ristow, Teresa
Tweddell, Vince
Morgan, Nick News clerk / librarian
Lusch, Jamie
Moore, Julia
Pennell, Bob Photo editor
Aldous, Vickie Ashland news
Freeman, Mark Outdoor recreation
Hand, Ian Tempo assistant
Lemon, Sarah Food, features
Mann, Damian Politics, local government
Pfeil, Ryan Web producer
Stiles, Greg Business
Thomas, Teresa Education
Wheeler, Sam Crime and emergency services
Sports Staff
Blenkush, Warren
Goff, Kevin
Henry, Kris
Jones, Dan
Silow, Frank
Trower, Tim Sports editor

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