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  • Note to self: Keep a garden clean to limit pests - 7/13/2014

    I like to check in periodically with the OSU Master Gardener Plant Clinic to see what kind of plant problems people are having.

  • Gardening history is truly rich - 7/6/2014

    I recently read a brief history of agriculture in a back issue of Organic Gardening that provided some glimpses of how we arrived at what we today call gardening.

  • Kitchen gardens used to be a part of everyday life - 6/22/2014

    You might find the term "potager" either puzzling or pretentious. It is actually a descriptive French term for "kitchen garden," derived from "pot of herbs for the soup."

  • Make some room for the hummingbirds - 6/15/2014

    Hummingbirds in your garden are truly like jewels — both beautiful and valuable. They play an important role as pollinators and as insect eaters.

  • Keep fire in mind when you landscape - 6/8/2014

    As we face another hot, dry summer, it's important to think about the landscaping around our homes, and how it could actually promote loss, even in urban areas.

  • Shopping at local growers markets has far-reaching benefits - 6/1/2014

    When we think about things that threaten our environment, many of us probably think of cars, or maybe factories belching smoke.

  • Do your homework on vines - 5/25/2014

    Vines are interesting plants for a variety of reasons.

  • It's time to get the dahlias growing - 5/18/2014

    We all long for warmer temperatures and long, sunny days at this time of year.

  • Soil and watering are critical to healthy tomato plants - 5/11/2014

    Every year as I work at the information booth at the Jackson County Master Gardeners Spring Garden Fair, I see a parade of tomatoes being carried out the door, and I am often tempted to stop people...

  • Winter freeze may affect your spring blooms - 5/4/2014

    In a few past columns, I have promised to follow up or keep you informed. So, look at this as a catch-up column.

  • Spring Garden Fair is coming - 4/27/2014

    If locally raised plants, free gardening classes, helpful demonstrations and used books at bargain prices sounds fun to you, you'll not want to miss the 35th annual Jackson County Master Gardener...

  • So much for 'no maintenance' - 4/20/2014

    Several readers have asked that I repeat this column, published about three years ago. Although my philosophy about lawns is not a religious one, this nevertheless expresses my views.

  • A child's garden is a world of wonder - 4/13/2014

    If I was a fairy godmother capable of bestowing a gift upon a newborn, that gift would be curiosity.

  • Begonias, dahlias and garlic - 4/6/2014

    You may wonder what these three plants have in common, causing me to group them together. It's just that spring is here, and they all need a bit of your attention.

  • Give spring bloomers the care they need - 3/30/2014

    Many of our spring-blooming shrubs have already shown their beauty this year, and some bulb blooms have come and gone, as well.

  • Light it up - 3/23/2014

    Lilies are the garden's regal ladies. When they bloom in midsummer, they light up the garden with both color and fragrance.

  • Potting soil is key for your containers - 3/16/2014

    Potting soil serves important functions for container-grown plants. Not only does it anchor plants, it provides oxygen for root respiration and acts as a reservoir for water and nutrients.

  • Stocky, healthy and green - 3/9/2014

    Choosing healthy bedding plants prevents many common problems. But how do you know whether you're getting ones that will do well all season?

  • Spring into your garden - 3/2/2014

    In the Rogue Valley, the average date of the last spring frost is April 28 at the 1,300-foot elevation of the Medford airport.

  • It's time to plant rhubarb - 2/23/2014

    It always surprises me to learn how few people have tasted rhubarb, let alone raise it. But my surprise is no doubt connected to my upbringing.


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