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  • We can help build Prescott Park - 4/4/2014

    It's an exciting time for Rogue Valley mountain bikers. The city of Medford's plan for Prescott Park on Roxy Ann Peak has us pumped.

  • How Eight Dollar Mountain ate my bike - 3/21/2014

    Every scar on a mountain biker tells a story. If you ride for long enough, you're bound to crash.

  • Grinding the Granite in sunny Forest Park - 3/14/2014

    Summer is making an early appearance this year. Thanks, global warming! This week, I took advantage of the sunny weather and visited Jacksonville's popular Forest Park for some great downhill.

  • Striking fear into hikers' hearts - 3/7/2014

    I've decided to adopt this rugged region as my namesake, and call myself "The Rogue Rider."

  • Getting white knuckles on Little Grayback - 2/21/2014

    On the first day of 2014, dozens of local mountain bikers converged on Applegate Lake to ride the trail that zigzags around its shore.

  • Introductions: A man and his bike - 2/14/2014

    Let's face it. I'm addicted to dirt. On the street, it's variously called mud, earth or soil, but it's the same stuff. When I'm on it, I feel like I'm flying.


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