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  • Rock bottom at Diamond Lake - 6/27/2014

    ROSEBURG — John Linson's winning fishing day Saturday on Diamond Lake didn't start by motoring his boat over his favorite haunts on the lake's south side — or even at the boat ramp.

  • Green Skiing - 6/6/2014

    ASHLAND — Brian McKay deftly slices his way through the slalom gates, planting his poles to carve his downhill turns until one of his skis catches an edge and he spirals off course.

  • Go ahead, Rogue — rub it in - 5/30/2014

    GOLD HILL — Since the early 1990s, an exposed basalt rock along a rather innocuous-looking Rogue River riffle downstream of what used to be Gold Ray Dam has been known, at least to me, as Dog...

  • OSP trooper saw his future at a young age - 5/16/2014

    TRAIL — The Wednesday call from the Oregon State Police dispatcher appeared rather routine for OSP Fish and Wildlife Senior Trooper Jim Collom during a mid-May morning along the upper Rogue...

  • 'Dads with jobs' regroup to run the river - 5/2/2014

    Ryan Allred and his three rafting buddies from back in the day get together regularly with their families, and on occasion they drift into reminiscing about their whitewater hero days.

  • Back to Boston - 4/18/2014

    Michael Nabielski was just two turns from the finish of last year's Boston Marathon when the sea of runners in front of him abruptly began to ebb.

  • These free excursions are meant to be wild - 3/28/2014

    Richard Hendrickson likes to help keep his 82-year-old frame young and get some clean air in his lungs by hiking Southern Oregon trails.

  • Open season on chinook — 'Remember 2009' - 3/21/2014

    BROOKINGS — Ocean anglers who helped make this tiny coastal hamlet the chinook capital of Oregon the past two summers might find themselves a bit let down to hear this year's season likely will...

  • Rooster Tale - 3/14/2014

    Margaret Shaughnessy stood rib-deep in Mexico's Sea of Cortez rocking an enormous roosterfish in the water, hoping it would swim away and take her fly-fishing infamy with it.

  • Too successful - 2/14/2014

    BROOKINGS — Rich Heap and other salty dogs from the Brookings area set out in 2011 to learn whether they could catch enough Pacific halibut to make it worth their time, especially when chinook...

  • 'Pure luck' - 2/7/2014

    It's a question that lingers in the back of the mind for hikers, cross-country skiers and mountain-bikers heading alone into Oregon's backcountry.

  • Winter fly-fishing explodes on lower Rogue - 1/31/2014

    AGNESS — One of the driest winters on record, which has shut down winter steelhead fishing in the Rogue Valley, has created a perfect storm of sorts for fly-fishers barely east of the salt air.

  • Plinking is alive and well - 1/17/2014

    Hard to imagine that the xBox age still is a time when a kid and his dad can spend an afternoon blowing through a box of .

  • More chili than casting at 21st annual Holy Water get-together - 1/3/2014

    TRAIL — Dave Roberts headed as usual on New Year's Day to the upper Rogue River fly-fishing-only stretch known to its disciples as the "Holy Water."

  • Hunting enthusiasts take aim at crossbows - 10/4/2013

    Rick Gabbard lost his left arm in a logging accident 13 years ago, and it took him years of effort to hold his beloved bow in his prosthetic hand so he could draw back and shoot an arrow with his...

  • Lower elk numbers cause tag changes - 8/23/2013

    Cascade Mountains bowhunters, who will hit the woods en masse Saturday, will be the first of thousands of Oregon hunters to discover that their "hair tags" of old have now turned into "horn tags."

  • Exploding water jugs help push the copper bullet switch - 8/9/2013

    Copper bullets in one hand and lead in another, Mike Palermo is looking to show hunters they can knock down their elk without knocking out scavengers such as vultures, ravens and perhaps one day...


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