Dan & Dave Do Stuff

Dan Jones is a sports reporter. Dave Sager is a copy editor. In this show, they do stuff. They'll take on challenges across the Rogue Valley, learning more about themselves and Southern Oregon, trying things they've never done before and things people do all the time. Read more about them below. Check in here regularly to see what they're doing. And if you have a challenge for them to do, send it in.

Dan & Dave Do Stuff, In Photos

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Dan & Dave

This is Dan

Dan Jones is a sports reporter at the Mail Tribune.

He's an Oregon native. After studying at Eastern Oregon University for two years, he transferred to the University of Oregon and earned a degree in journalism there in 2007. His first job was at The News-Review in Roseburg, where he covered high school sports and ate some weird things in a web series called "Dan, Try This!"

At the Mail Tribune, Jones covers sporting events, works office shifts where he takes phone calls from coaches and he designs the sports section. He also does video projects for the sports department.

When Jones isn't working, he enjoys working out, running, playing tennis, cooking, studying the Thai language and culture, watching sports and reading anything by Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

This is Dave

Dave Sager considers himself a Texas Yankee. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., he was raised in Texas and has lived in Oregon since 2005 and in Medford since 2008.

He began his journalism career as a sports writer and page designer in 1998, and in 2005 switched to the news department "because that's REAL news." He hosted a sports talk radio show in the early 2000s in Texas and still loves sports, including the Buffalo Bills, the Texas Longhorns, the San Antonio Spurs and the Buffalo Sabres. He couldn't care less about baseball ó it's slow and boring and the season is WAY too long ó but roots for the Rangers and the Astros whenever they make it to the playoffs.

In his spare time he likes to read, play sports (He thinks he's better at them than he really is.) and spend time with his dog, Mojo. (In fact, most people probably would rather hang out with his dog than him.) He thrives on pressure (not really), and he will take on any challenge without complaint. (He will whine for days on end.)

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