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  • Election LETTERS - 4/19/2014

    As a business owner I know that libraries are part of the infrastructure of a healthy community.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/18/2014

    I'd like to give a shout out to Joel Ockunzzi, currently running for Jackson County commissioner.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/17/2014

    I have been watching the letters to the editor with regard to those who have been responding less kindly to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and I feel compelled to respond to C.S.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/15/2014

    We humans are decimating our planet.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/14/2014

    I opened my paper a week ago Sunday morning to the smiling face of the beautiful Karen Greenstein. It was as if she was looking directly into my eyes and wishing me good morning.

  • ELECTION LETTERS - 4/13/2014

    Environmentalists work to protect fish; farmers grow food. And they have much in common: Farmers like to fish and environmentalists like to eat.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/13/2014

    The Supreme Court's recent campaign finance decision allows anyone to give $2,600 to every member of Congress, and has sealed the deal on changing our form of government to a plutocracy — a...

  • election LETTERS - 4/12/2014

    Alan Bates, in his signature legislation, which he called his "proudest achievement," has given Oregon what national commentators have identified as the single most dysfunctional online insurance...

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/11/2014

    We know from previous grand jury investigations that in Medford, summary execution is the correct punishment when unarmed suspects ram a police car.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/10/2014

    In response to Keith Van Horn's letter: My husband is "privileged" retired military like Dave Dotterer.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/9/2014

    What would stand-up comedians do if it weren't for the Obama administration? The latest cutting-edge, climate-control idea is to contain methane emitted by cows. (Pause for laughs.)

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/8/2014

    I am writing to respond to the article in the local section of the April 1 Mail Tribune, "Ashland cracks down on illegal occupancy."

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/7/2014

    The MT tells us (March 20) that the "exchange's fiasco has created tremendous political pressure" on the governor and the legislators who championed it. And well it should.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/6/2014

    The recent tragedy of an Ashland woman's death on I-5 at the hands of a drunk wrong-way driver was preventable.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/6/2014

    Bob Sergi is qualified with over 30 years in law enforcement. He has experience working as a patrolman to sergeant and watch commander at the Medford Police Department.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/4/2014

    Trap-neuter-release of outdoor cats is being proposed to control their population. No other option except indiscriminate euthanasia is offered.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/3/2014

    Isn't it amazing to see the right-wing Republicans who have picked as their standard-bearer for senator from Southern Oregon a retired military officer who has had, and continues to enjoy, free...

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/2/2014

    I relived the Alaskan earthquake today! I was 8, living in military housing, when things began to shake. My dad screamed, "It's a bomb — get in the basement!"

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 4/1/2014

    Just a couple of points regarding Gretchen Hunter's guest opinion Sunday. Trap-neuter-release does reduce feral cat populations. In 20 years I've seen populations go from high 20s to no cats.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - 3/31/2014

    In Pete Wallstrom's guest opinion (March 23) he identifies himself as part of the "environmental community," yet he acknowledges his ironic stance as an avid skier.


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